Wire Transfers

If you have a customer or vendor who would like to pay you via wire transfer (i.e. a one-time transfer of funds), the vendor should provide the following specific instructions to their bank. Typically, wire transfers are used for international payments.

Deposit Instructions

  1. Give customer/vendor the UC bank information found here.

    Note: Our bank generally charges around $25 for the service (additional charges may also apply), so include that in the fee to your customer/vendor.

  2. Fill out the claiming wire transfers form, and email to bankwires@berkeley.edu. Include the Name of the Organization/Individual Sending Funds and dollar amount in the e-mail subject line.
  3. Submit a copy of the form and email from step 2 to your cashiering unit contact below.


BusOps Center Contacts:
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RSSP: Annie Donato | anniedon@berkeley.edu | 510-643-6955
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