Violence Prevention & Bystander Intervention Initiatives

In 2012 Asst. Dean Bradley created and launched the campus-wide Bears that CARE: Take Action (BTC) program. BTC is an active bystander initiative whose objective is to create a community of care wherein community members are able to recognize and intervene in situations that have the potential to be violent or harmful. By fall 2013, BTC was in full swing with approximately 35 staff volunteers serving as violence prevention/bystander intervention facilitators. Asst. Dean Bradley secured on-going funding to hire a violence prevention expert to provide continued leadership for the area. finn schneider was hired as the first full-time manager of BTC, and the initiative grew to include a robust Peer Education program.

The violence prevention area has expanded beyond BTC to other initiatives such as the Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC) which is comprised of student and staff stakeholders from across campus. VPC meets routinely to collaborate on violence prevention programs and campus messaging in order for the UC Berkeley campus to have a joint philosophy pertaining to violence prevention overall. This violence prevention area has a wide ranged scope using bystander intervention and the public health model to address various forms of violence that include but are not limited to: sexual violence, bias related incidents, micro-aggressions, bullying, physical harm, self-harm, and verbal abuse. Since its inception in 2014, VPC has produced a new social norming campaign each year that focuses on preventing a specific form of violence. This area will continue to grow to include initiatives that span across campus working to shift the culture, provide education and learning opportunities and create active bystanders within the Cal community.