Student Affairs Website Design Recommendations / Checklist

Student Affairs Website Design Recommendations / Checklist
Version 1.02 DRAFT

__ How will you find out if a new design is better than a previous design?
What is your desired outcome of the redesign?
(i.e. fewer questions for staff, better UI, faster load times, more usage, better user satisfaction?)
__ What data have you reviewed to assist you in your redesign effort?
__ Did you include a link to the Privacy Statement for University of California, Berkeley Websites, or did you link to a refined version with additional privacy provisions? See Privacy and confidentiality section E-Berkeley Policy.
__ Are you making pages valid HTML, i.e. do your pages pass the w3c HTML validator for a document type of HTML 4.01 Transitional (

If using stylesheets have you used the w3c CSS Validator?.


Are your pages sensitive to the needs of the disabled community? i.e. does it at least pass Bobby ( priority 1 accessibility checks?

Have you tried navigating your site with a lynx browser:

__ Do you know how to add simple polls to your page to get feedback? See to learn about SA Webserver support for QuickPolls.
__ Do you know how to add a feedback page that emails the form contents to a specific person. See to learn about SA Webserver support for Form Mail.
__ Do your pages load quickly from a 56K modem, i.e. is it less than 30-45K (the end of the Bobby report shows total size and estimated speed for 28.8k modem, not if some images load with Javascript they will not be reflected in the Bobby report.
__ Do your pages have a footer that tells a)Last update and b)Contact information.
__ Do your pages pass a check for broken links? (I like to use, but any link checker will do).

Are existing links changing and if so, have you found prominent places that refer to the old links (use Google's advanced search for 'Links')? You will need to consider appropriate actions ranging from temporary redirects, renaming to old page name, or notifying the linkings sites of the new URL.

Review weekly traffic reports for missing files (i.e. files that people are looking for that no longer exist).

__ Is your site accurately represented in the campus web registry? Do common searches from the page yield acceptable results?
__ Are site pages correctly found by the SA search engine (try the search at If not, have you reviewed better use of the HTML tags for Title and meta tags for Keywords and description? Is your page being indexed by the SA search engine?
__ Does the user have a chance to tell their thoughts, i.e. is there a feedback mechanism?

Have you isolated image files in separate directories and identied those directories to ugahelp@uclink?


Does it use colors from the SA recommended color palette?
Does it use the recommended SA Cascading Style Sheet for basic formatting (to be developed).

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