Yield Facts Sheet

March 23, 2001

Fact Sheet
The Positions of bridges Multicultural Recruitment and Retention Centers
and UC Berkeley Regarding Yield


What is bridges?
Efforts to recruit and retain students have been carried out by campus student groups since the 1970s. Starting in 1996 five student-run centers and four affiliate programs performing these functions were organized under an umbrella group called bridges Multicultural Recruitment and Retention Center.

· Asian Pacific American Recruitment and Retention Center (REACH!)
· Black Recruitment and Retention Center (BRRC)
· Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC)
· Pilipino Academic Student Services (PASS)
· Raza Recruitment and Retention Center (RRRC)

Affiliates: Peoples Test Preparation Services, Pilipino Educational and Community Service, Project College Bound, and Project Stop!

What are the Relationships between bridges and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions? Top
· Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) staff provides analytical support and training to bridges groups in    areas of freshman and transfer admission requirements, financial aid, and the writing of the personal statement on    the admission applications.
· OUA provides administrative support on behalf of bridges groups to meet the purchasing requirements of vendors    and the university.
· An OUA staff liaison facilitates resource and administrative support for bridges activities, attends bridges board    meetings and provides detailed information on University accounting system protocols.
· OUA and bridges work on collaborative efforts related to outreach, recruitment, and yield.
· OUA mails letters and other materials from bridges groups to prospective and admitted students.

What is bridges Current Position on Performance of Yield Activities? Top
The bridges centers held a press conference on March 1, 2001 at which they stated they would "actively discourage" admitted students from attending Berkeley unless SP 1 were overturned at the March 2001 Regents Meeting. They also stated they would write letters to admitted minority students outlining their reservations about the Berkeley experience.

Over the next three weeks this position was modified. At a March 19 bridges board meeting, members stated that they would now define "actively discourage" as only refraining from yield activities. They do NOT plan to send letters. They also indicated that they would maintain clear distinctions, particularly in the media, between issues they have with the Regents and those they have with the UCB campus.

Since the March 19 meeting various bridges groups have conducted open and closed forum meetings amongst their community members to educate and discuss issues, concerns, and questions about their current political action. bridges has continued outreach activities such as high school visits and they have continued their support activities for enrolled students. It is anticipated that at some point in the future UCB will be able to resume yield work with the bridges recruitment and retention centers.

What has been the UC Berkeley Administration's Response? Top
Chancellor Berdahl has NOT withheld monies from bridges that had been previously allocated, as was stated in recent Daily Californian and San Francisco Chronicle articles. However, the Chancellor will not allocate money to bridges for performing yield activities, since the centers have indicated they will not be engaging in these activities this year. At their March 19 board meeting, bridges stated that they understood the Chancellor's reported comments about revoking their funding were misrepresented, and pertained only to supplemental yield funding, which they no longer expect to receive.

To date NO letters discouraging students from attending UCB have been sent by bridges. It is extremely unlikely that any student group, including bridges, will send such letters, since they do NOT have access to the addresses of prospective students and, as of this date, students have yet to be admitted. UC Berkeley has NOT provided the bridges centers with student addresses in recent years, NOR will it provide them this year.

How will UC Berkeley Conduct Yield Activities this Year? Top
The campus WILL conduct yield activities for all students as it has in prior years. Principal yield activities include phone follow-up, receptions throughout the state, overnight programs, and Cal Day events. Faculty, staff, alumni and other volunteers will participate in these activities in the roles bridges students have filled in past years. bridges has not asked the University to cease its yield activities.

Berkeley works hard to recruit and admit the best-prepared students with the goal of achieving a highly qualified entering class that reflects the diversity of California. This year over 36,000 freshman applications have been individually read two or more times. Other colleges compete fiercely for the students UCB admits, and thus the campus must do all that it can to welcome and inform these prospective students about Berkeley.

Prepared by the Office of the AVC Admissions & Enrollment