Create Policy

1. Convert original document to HTML format, or better yet start with the 
   document in HTML and convert to Word! Check output with Web Browser.

2. Clean HTML Code
   2a. Remove all html codes from the top of the document, including:
       You should start with the Text of the document
   2b. Remove the </body> and </html> tags from the end of the document.
   2c. Remove any <font...> </font> pairs

3. Add custom header below to top of the document:
<!-- Policy Header Start Here -->
<TITLE>Vice Chancellor's Office of Undergraduate Affairs</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" LINK="#000099" VLINK="#777799">
<IMG SRC="graphics/titlebar.gif" alt="Vice Chancellor's Office of Undergraduate Affairs"><BR>
<FONT FACE="arial, helvetica, geneva, times" SIZE=2>
<!-- #include file="footer.htm" -->
<!-- Policy Header End Here -->

4. Add custom footer below to end of the document.
<!-- Policy Footer Start Here -->
<CENTER><!-- #include file="footer.htm" --></CENTER>
<!-- Policy Footer End Here -->