Thanks to You Day 2016



This year's event will feature summer party games and activities, as well as food vendors, face painting, a photo booth, and much more! 


Location Details: Click here for a campus map that includes the new Anna Head Alumnae Hall location. 


Meal tickets: This year attendees may obtain meal tickets (one per person, please) as well as goodies upon entrance. Family members of staff are welcome to attend. 


A major thanks to all our staff and student volunteers!


Thanks to You 2016 Committee Members include:

  • Carissa Almandmoss
  • Erica Daniels Bertolino
  • Andre Dawson
  • Peter Golpeo
  • Tracey Lopez
  • Natalie Lui
  • Gabriela McGrath
  • Tiffany Perales
  • Adam Ratliff 
  • Jill Rodde