Students of Concern Committee - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What about FERPA protection?

A: FERPA pertains to the privacy of educational records, but it does not prohibit the reporting of observable behavior. If you are concerned about a personal interaction you have had with a student or an observation you have made pertaining to behavior, you are encouraged to report and/or consult with appropriate colleagues, especially as it relates to the educational mission of the University.


Q: What if my department already has a structure to deal with students of concern?

A: Great! You should continue to use that structure to proactively best support the student. In addition, we recommend you to still refer the student to the Student of Concern Committee. There is often another department or office that the student is in contact with and who may be having similar concerns that we are able to connect through multiple referrals.


Q: How is this team different than Behavioral Risk Assessment Team?

A: Behavioral Risk Assessment Team is a team that responds to high level, eminent campus crisis, once a situation occurs. Whereas, the Student of Concern Committee is a proactive small team that meet weekly to assess referrals, consult and at times intervene before the concern escalates violent or detrimental behavior to the student of concern or members of the campus community.


Q: Will I be contacted and updated about the student I refer?

A: Yes, you will be contacted to give the committee details about the concerning behavior. You may be updated with information as it pertains to the student’s interactions with you or your department. However, you will not be informed of details of conversations with the student or possible disciplinary action that may occur, depending on the situation.