SA OE Student Services Timeline


Timeline: OE Student Services Initiative Design Team
The OE Student Services Initiative Design Team used fall 2010 to reach out to students, staff, and faculty to gather data to help us make the most inclusive decisions possible. We are now developing our recommendations and will finalize them by March 31, 2011.


Fall 2010: Accomplishments
Launched the initiative

January – March 31, 2011: Where We Are Now
Select and design solutions and develop results delivery plan

  • Investigate alternative solutions
  • Align solution design with other initiatives
  • Identify key changes and impacted groups
  • Assess degree of impact for high priority groups, with estimated timing
  • Identify change leaders
  • Develop risk analysis and mitigation plan
  • Finalize business case, with success metrics
  • Develop implementation and operating plan: how will new processes, behaviors, roles, systems, metrics, etc. be implemented and required to operate in order to sustain the solution?
  • Test deliverables with stakeholders
  • Plan transfer from design team to implementation team