People Involved in This Initiative


Sponsors and Members of the Student Services Initiative Team

Initiative Manager:
Anne De Luca, University Registrar


  • Cathy Koshland,Vice Provost for Academic Planning, Teaching & Learning, and Facilities

  • Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Team Members

Name Department
Anne Aaboe L&S - Molecular and Cell Biology, Undergraduate Affairs Office Manager
Jon Conhaim Senior Project Manager, Technology Program Office (TPO), Information Technology
Billy Curtis Gender and Equity Resource Center, Director
Calvin Eng Cal Performances, Chief Finance Officer
Mara Hancock Educational Technology Services, Director for Educational Technologies
Suzanne Helbig Career Center, Assistant Director
Johanna Metzgar Office of the Registrar, Associate Registrar
Na'ilah Nasir Department of Education, Professor
Steve Sutton Office of Student Development, Executive Director


Student Services Initiative Sub Team Members
Our initiative has four subteams that are using the fall to reach out to staff and students and to gather data to make sure they have all the information they need. They will frame their recommendations in spring and present them at the end of March.

Business Services
Lead: Calvin Eng, Cal Performances

  • Robert Flaharty, Residential & Student Services Programs
  • Shawn LaPean, Cal Dining
  • Rick Russo, Summer Sessions
  • Mary Stapleton, University Health Services
  • Seamus Wilmot, Parking & Transportation

Student Portal
Lead: Mara Hancock, Educational Technology Services

  • Dedra Chamberlin, Infrastructure Services

  • James Collins, Office of the Registrar

  • Michael Ellison, Student Services Systems

  • Bernie Geuy, Dean of Students Office

  • Susan Hagstrom, College of Environmental Design

  • Oliver Heyer, Educational Technology Services

  • Lisa Rothrauff, Educational Technology Services

  • David Scronce, Student Services Systems

  • Meg St. John, School of Information

Transaction Services
Lead: Johanna Metzgar, Office of the Registrar

  • Tony Christopher, Student Services Systems
  • Rachelle Feldman, Financial Aid Office
  • Sharon Joyce, Admissions & Student Affairs, School of Optometry

  • Michelle Kniffin, Assignments & Cashiers, Housing & Dining Services
  • Corinne Kosmitzki, Graduate Student Services, Graduate Division
  • Dale Masterson Engineering Student Services, School of Engineering
  • Cara Stanley, Student Learning Center
  • Joyce Sturm, Billing & Payment Services

Transformational Services

Co-Lead: Anne Aaboe, Molecular & Cell Biology

Co-Lead: Billy Curtis, Gender and Equity Resource Center

Co-Lead: Steve Sutton, Office of Student Development

  • Glenn DeGuzman, Center for Student Leadership

  • Katie Dustin, Letters and Science Office of Undergraduate Advising

  • Liz Halimah, Equity & Inclusion Office

  • Cristobal Olivares, New Student Services

  • Carisa Orwig, Department of Chemistry

  • Alix Schwartz, Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Carla Trujillo, Graduate Division

  • Lisa Walker, Multicultural Student Development