Student, Staff & Faculty Outreach


We are engaging students, staff, and faculty in conversations around student services and this feedback will be at the heart of the recommendations our team develops. We will consolidate the feedback and make it available in January 2011.

Calendar of Meetings

We are conducting meetings and focus groups with student organizations , student advisory groups, and student leaders. We are also collecting student feedback via online surveys and the website

Questions for students include:

  • We are compiling research on Cal students from various campus studies and identifying common themes. Do these themes run true for you and your student communities? Are there any gaps?
  • If you could wave a wand and change ONE thing about Cal and how you are supported as a student outside of class, what would you change and why?
  • Where are you getting the run around?

Staff & Faculty
We are presenting at advisor meetings and we have conducted nine academic advisor focus groups. We plan to conduct another round of focus groups for co-curricular advisors and to distribute a survey to advisors and student services staff unable to attend. We will present at the Faculty Senate Divisional Council in December and seek other forums to gather faculty feedback.
Questions for staff & faculty include:

  • What are the key accomplishments you aim to achieve in your role?
  • What are the most important services you provide for students?
  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
  • What are the tasks/responsibilities that you like the least, but that you think are important?
  • What are the tasks/responsibilities that you like the least that you think are a poor use of staff time?
  • Of the services currently provided in positions like yours, which must remain close to the department? Which could be centralized outside of your department or combined with other departments/groups?
  • What one tool do you wish you had to make you more successful at your job?
  • Which of your current responsibilities are transactional and bureaucratic? What shouldn’t be done by hand anymore?
  • Are there new alignments of campus-wide services that can better support your mission?
  • What are the tasks that are common to many departments, which do not involve individual contact with students or detailed knowledge of a program?

Get Involved
Students, staff, and faculty are always welcome to share comments and questions, join the OE email update list, and volunteer to participate in the design phase of Operational Excellence.