Org Simplification Delay in Notice

December 3, 2010
Dear Divisional Colleagues,
I am writing to update you on next steps related to Organizational Simplification. As you know, I submitted the divisional proposal by the required November 15th deadline. It was my understanding that approval of the budget reduction and staffing proposal would occur shortly thereafter.
Once approval was granted, the division planned to notify staff affected by layoffs and position changes by mid-December. Unfortunately, this timeframe for notification has changed. Given the breadth and complexity of the initiative coupled with the need to be as thorough and thoughtful as possible related to critical staffing decisions, we now expect that a response to our proposal will be received by mid-December and that notifications to affected staff will begin in mid-January 2011.
The OE Program Office continues to conduct a detailed review of our proposal. I appreciate the level of attention paid in the final review of all the proposals submitted. This serves to ensure that we are using due diligence to make informed decisions. The division has been providing additional clarifying information to the Program Office related to the proposal.
Please know that the division is working hard to keep to our timelines and to minimize the impact of schedule changes. We will continue to share the most accurate and timely information to the best of our ability and provide important updates on a consistent basis. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to manage an intricate and multifaceted process moving forward.
As always, I remain deeply appreciative of your engagement in, and attention to, this important work.
Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor