SA OE - Divisional HR Questions


Student Affairs Divisional Questions for OE HR
(Operational Excellence Human Resources)
Simplification Team
October 27, 2010

Staff Reductions

How does seniority play into position reductions and reassignments?
Any staffing action, as a result of the restructuring effort, will be implemented in consultation with Human Resources and/or the OEHR Team. Seniority must be considered when planning layoffs for all PSS and represented positions in compliance with current policy.


Can we consider performance as a factor during Organizational Simplification discussions?
Performance is not a factor in determining bumping rights for PSS and represented staff positions. Management is being challenged to think about redefined organizational needs from the perspective of the functions that will be needed, the duties involved, and the skills and abilities that will be required. These should be reviewed with a member of the OEHR team to determine any additional impacts/considerations.


Can we consider performance as a factor during Organizational Simplification discussions for MSP positions?
Yes, performance can be considered.


For Organizational Simplification, will there be any policy changes?
There are no plans to change policy at this time. Positions being laid off will be afforded all the usual protections. Department plans should be based upon current policies.


If Organizational Simplification proposals merge units, how may that affect layoff units? What processes must be taken to change layoff units?
Changing layoff units will require notice to the unions and bargaining in some instances. HR will work with departments involved in merging units to define the most effective process.


Is the campus putting a process in place to redeploy the impacted employees to vacant positions?
The campus is considering establishing a formal program to help match impacted employees to vacant positions. But to date there is no formal redeployment program.


Is there an Appeal Process for those targeted for layoff - once they have been noticed?
The existing layoff processes remain, including appeal provisions.


Compensation and Classification

In light of Organizational Simplification, will the Career Compass grade and classification structure change?
No, the existing structure will not change.


What are the implications when a supervisory position is changed to an individual contributor position?
The implications can vary based on the individual circumstances. New job descriptions should be created for review by the Compensation Unit when Organizational Simplification results in significant changes in duties and responsibilities for a position, including changing a supervisory position into an individual contributor position.


Will an increase in the span of control change the classification and/or compensation of a manager or supervisor?
In most cases, a change only in span of control will not affect a job’s classification. If there are additional changes to the scope or responsibilities of a given position, management should review the new job description with their Compensation Analyst.



When should Managers inform employees affected by Organizational Simplification?
Departments are encouraged to provide general informational communications about the OE simplification project to all members of the department. Such communications can include general information regarding dates for consideration and implementation as well as general information about the intent of the OE program.

When final decisions are made about positions to be eliminated (after the proposals submitted on November 15 are approved), department management is encouraged to communicate with affected employees before the actual layoff letter is issued. To the extent that affected employees are in positions covered by labor agreements, contractual obligations for union notice should be implemented.

Department managers will want to make arrangements for information about Benefits, Transition Services, and other programs available to employees as soon as information about layoff is provided. Following is a link that provides information on communications about layoffs: