SA OE Updates - Organizational Simplification


Divisional Colleagues,

Chancellor Birgeneau's earlier communication regarding the Organizational Simplification initiative provided general information related to administrative restructuring and designing shared service centers. Our state budget forecasts indicate a continued decline in revenue and as a result, weakened financial support for higher education. With rising tuition and fees impacting our students’ ability to attend Cal, we are called to action to do our part to meet our strategic priorities of Access, Service, and Engagement so students can afford college, receive high quality service, and enhance their learning through innovative co-curricular programs. I have accepted the challenge to do what is necessary for the future of UC Berkeley and the students we serve. I am asking each of you to do the same.

Operational Excellence is a long term project that will occur in multiple phases over the next three years. We are entering the first phase of significant change now with Organizational Simplification. While the charge to meet spans/layers and financial savings targets is clear, I recognize that many of you have more questions than answers at how we will arrive at this end goal.

The Organizational Simplification Information page attempts to provide additional information on the data, process, decision points, and timeline for the division. Specifically, please note that “Cluster” meetings for the staff will be held on October 12th at various locations and times for information sharing and feedback related to Organizational Simplification. I will communicate with the division regularly with any new updates; in the meantime, please continue to check the Operational Excellence FAQs.

I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on how the Division of Student Affairs will engage in this complex yet necessary change process:

  • The process will require not only our best intellectual work but also our emotional resilience to manage complex transitions. We have done this successfully in the past and we will need to do so again for the future.
  • We will communicate and share what we know as soon as possible throughout the process and provide opportunities to gather feedback, ideas, and concerns. Sometimes we will not have the answers to all the questions.
  • We acknowledge each of us will be personally impacted. Through this process, Cal will become a stronger organization. Change will regrettably bring the unfortunate consequence of some job loss. Yet, in order to be sustainable for the long term, this is a reality we have to face now.
  • We will approach this work with compassion and respect knowing there will be moments of difficulty and confusion.

Our institutional history is rooted in change: as a catalyst for economic growth at the turn of the last century; as a place where social movements emerged and where research and innovation has touched the world; as a place where our students’ dreams are born, nurtured, and realized. I challenge us to keep our heads and hearts focused on the vision for excellence and the work that lies ahead.

Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor