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Organizational Simplification Information

What Are the Targets for Student Affairs?

  • The savings target for Student Affairs is $3.2M resulting in a change or loss of 82 supervisor positions
  • This figure represents 3% reduction of total FTE salaries and 12% reduction of total supervisor salaries
  • Of the 82 supervisor positions, approximately 50 will become individual contributors, meaning they will no longer supervise anyone, and 32 supervisor positions will be eliminated altogether through attrition, retirement, and layoffs
  • The focus of the reductions will be supervisory positions. However, in evaluating the overall organization of a unit, there may be cases where non-supervisory positions are also eliminated to create a flatter structure.

What Does Our Process to Meet the Targets Look Like?

  • Jodie Rouse, Director of Budget and Planning, is working closely with the AVCs, specific unit directors, and SMART directors to update data and determine target goals for each unit.
  • In anticipation of campus efforts to move towards more centralized IT services through shared or regional centers, the division will place IT positions into a separate spans and layers category. Angela Blackstone, divisional CIO, will provide leadership for coordinating the IT spans and layers exercise and begin discussions on the new divisional IT structure with the AVCs and directors.

What Is the Decision Making Timeline?

  • By October 11: Assignment of specific savings targets provided to each department in Student Affairs
  • By October 18: Directors will develop preliminary plans for achieving targets
  • On October 20: Student Affairs Cabinet retreat to review preliminary plans
  • By November 2: Any changes in plans as a result of the retreat due to the VCSA
  • On November 8: Student Affairs Cabinet meeting to review final plans
  • By November 15: VCSA Le Grande to finalize proposal and submit proposal to Chancellor
  • On November 15: VCSA Le Grande to update the division on proposal
  • In January 2011: Initial phase of implementation will begin
  • By July 2011: Implementation of recommendations completed

How will Staff Participate in the Process?

  • On October 12, CLUSTER meetings for information sharing and staff feedback will be held across the division; they are as follows:
    • Admissions & Enrollment - 1:00pm-2:00pm, Alumni House
    • (co-led by Susie Castillo-Robson and Anne De Luca) 
    • Lawrence Hall of Science - 3:30pm-5:00pm, LHS Auditorium
    • (co-led by Elizabeth Stage and Flori Ramos)
    • RSSP - 10:00am-11:00am, 2650 Channing Way, Unit 1, Central L40 All Purpose Room
    • (co-led by LeNorman Strong and Steve Sutton)
    • Student Life - 1:30pm-2:30pm, Senate Chambers in Eshleman Hall 
    • (co-led by Jonathan Poullard and Jodie Rouse)
  • On October 18, divisional leadership will participate in a Change Management workshop
  • On November 15, a division-wide meeting will be held in the afternoon to update staff on the proposal

Who to Contact?

Contact and/or meet with your respective director, cluster co-leader (see above), or AVC to share insights, concerns, or questions. Key contact information:

Contact Chief of Staff, Felicia Lee at to share insights, concerns, or questions

Additional communication will be sent, and/or meetings scheduled, to share new information about each of the Operational Excellence Initiatives as they are available.