Welcome Prospective Students

A Message from the Vice Chancellor

Stephen C. Sutton, EdD - Interim Vice Chancellor, Student AffairsWithin this rich marketplace of ideas your assumptions will be challenged, your beliefs tested and your knowledge base expanded. You are responsible for your own words and actions. You should expect to be treated and should treat others with dignity and respect in an atmosphere free from abusive or demeaning conduct.

The free exchange of ideas in an environment without fear of harm strengthens a community when it is done with care and regard for others; it allows us to see not only where we differ in perspective but where we share common ground. Your education both in and out of the classroom will be enriched when you engage in thoughtful, passionate and respectful discourse with others who have differing perspectives. We are committed to providing you with an environment in which you will enjoy a seamless journey from high school, through your undergraduate studies, to the world of work or graduate school.

Thank you,
Stephen C. Sutton, EdD
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs