Code of Conduct - Jurisdiction


A. Generally
These provisions govern student conduct on, or as it relates to University property, or at official University functions and University-sponsored programs conducted away from the campus. University property is defined for purposes of this Code as all land, buildings, facilities or other grounds or structures, or any item in possession of or owned, used, maintained or controlled by the University or designated by the campus as subject to these policies, including the International House. University property also includes computers and network systems owned, maintained or controlled by the University or funded by University budgets or designated by the campus as subject to these policies.

B. Off-Campus Conduct
Student conduct that occurs off University property is subject to the Code where it a) adversely affects the health, safety, or security of any other member of the University community, or the mission of the University, or b) involves academic work or any records or documents of the University.

In determining whether or not to exercise jurisdiction over such conduct, the Center for Student Conduct will consider the seriousness of the alleged offense, the risk of harm involved, whether the victim(s) are members of the campus community and/or whether the off-campus conduct is part of a series of actions that occurred both on and off University property.

C. Conduct on Other UC Campuses and Off-Campus Sponsored Sites
A student at one campus of the University who is accused of violation of University policies or campus regulations on another campus of the University, at an official function of that campus, or at any site at which a University function is sponsored, shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures of either the former or the latter campus as agreed by designees of both campuses. The imposition of any recommendations for disciplinary sanctions arising from these procedures must be reviewed and approved by both campuses before the sanctions are imposed.