Stay Day: Session III

Session III: 2:45pm-4:00pm

Campus Resources for Student in Transition
Krutch Theatre
Melissa Hacker, Department of Music 
A panel of representatives from vital campus services will discuss what
resources for students in transition their programs offer. The panel will be moderated by a student services advisor and will consist of representatives from Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), Disabled Student's Program (DSP), and
 The Career Center. Resource handouts will be available for attendees. Question and Answer time will follow the panel discussion.

The Positive Impacts of Students Leading Students in Intentional Social Action Projects
Room 102
Mike Bishop, Cal Corps Public Service Center
As the public service center at UC Berkeley, Cal Corps trains and advises more than 150 student leaders who in turn engage more than 5,000 students annually in social action projects and programs. This session will focus on the Center’s approach to working with, and the impact on these student leaders. We will discuss how our staff team derived center-wide goals from distinct programmatic student learning outcomes. It is hoped participants will walk away from this session with a sense of how incorporating service projects into their own programming might lead to greater learning in critical thinking, multicultural competence, values clarification, and other areas.

Supporting Transgender Students
Room 104
J’Lissabeth Faughn, Residential Living, Office of Student Development
J'Lissabeth Faughn brings to UC Berkeley a condensed version of one of her trainings designed to assist Student Affairs employees in understanding the needs and support for Transgender Students. Discussion topics include what and who is Transgender? What are the resources here at Cal? How does transgender awareness affect your position?
"What to do when..." - A Refresher Course on Dating, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Sexual Assault, and Rape Response
Executive Dining Room
Christine (cici) Ambrosio, Gender Equity Resource Center, Stacy Holguin, Residential and Student Service Programs, Lisa Min, Social Worker, & Allan Creighton, University Health Services
We will engage the staff present in a dialogue about sexual and relationship violence leading to developing strategies and resources for supporting students. We will share updates on the Systemwide Grant on Reducing Stalking, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault and Rape.

Integrating bSpace into Student Services
Room 203
Eva Wong, Blum Center for Developing Economies
Campus technologies for instructional use are often overlooked in student services.  Faculty and instructors are increasingly using online teaching forums such as bSpace as an academic portal to disseminate information; using these forums is becoming second-nature for many students.  Learn how various departments at UC Berkeley are utilizing technological teaching infrastructures in non-teaching environments such as student services.

Having Kids @ Cal: Envisioning a Family Friendly University for Students Who Are (or Become) Undergraduate Parents 

Room 204
Alice Jordan, Transfer, Reentry and Student Parent Center, Amanda Pacheco, Christiana Milton, & Lora Williams, Student Parent Program Intern Coordinators 
Undergraduate student parents can be an invisible population on four-year college campuses, but they are among the most highly motivated and accomplished students at Cal, despite the unique challenges they encounter. Berkeley has pioneered support services for this student population that aren't provided on most other campuses, or elsewhere in the UC system.  However, budget cuts and campus policies and practices still create real barriers to educational opportunity and full participation.  Recent needs assessment data and the experiences of student panelists provide a roadmap to consider the ways that campus staff, faculty and advisors can reduce student's role stress as parents and better support their academic access, inclusion and success.