Stay Day: Session I

Session I: 10:15am-11:30am

Student Employment as Leadership Development 
Executive Dining Room
Alexis Bucknam, Blum Center for Developing Economies
Para-professional student affairs roles have traditionally included an explicit leadership development outcome. How can those of us in the field who work with students in more administrative/support roles integrate leadership development into the supervision of our student staff? More importantly, how can we support staff who don't view themselves as student educators in this endeavor. I invite fellow student supervisors to join me in a dialogue about the ways in which we can support one another and our colleagues to intentionally develop leadership in the Millennial generation.

Advising and Advice at Cal: What Do Undergraduates Tell Us?
Room 102
Gregg Thompson, Sereeta Alexander, & Cyndy Snyder, Office of Student Research and Campus Surveys
What's the best and worst advice that Cal students say they have received? How about contradictory advice? What advice would Cal students give to a new student at Cal? How well do advising and related campus resources meet the needs of our students? This program presents the Office of Student Research and Campus Surveys analysis of the answers of two thousand undergraduates to these questions.
Changing Landscapes: The International Student Experience at UC Berkeley
Room 203
Rebecca Sablo, Berkeley International Office
The goal of this workshop is to enhance the advising experience between campus staff and international students by promoting greater understanding of their academic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.  We'll hear students' first-hand accounts of how these factors have impacted their academic and personal experiences at Berkeley.  Both undergraduate and graduate international students will discuss the expectations they brought to campus and how they adapted to Cal upon arrival.  Participants will be able to incorporate lessons learned from students’ experiences into their advising stance and the services they offer. 
The Student Portal Is Coming! What is it? What will it do? How can I participate?
Room 204
David Scronce, Student Services Systems
The student panel will highlight individual students’ experiences with Cal's student systems and websites today: First-hand cases across different disciplines; areas to improve that are relevant to their journey; and firsthand illustrations of typical students' day-to-day and year-to-year interactions with the university. Learn how the portal will help students, faculty and staff alike: by addressing students' need to find information quickly and easily; by sending reminders about upcoming dates & tasks; By receiving messages from departments; By giving you the opportunity to shape future development efforts; By highlighting how departments can participate in this effort. The initial pilot lauch includes: myReminders (required tasks, activities as determined by dept.); alerts about myReminders to inform students about the item, its due date, etc.; myLinks (a list of the most useful links); Feedback tool (students will be able to give us feedback, request improvements); and Staff Message Tool (ability for departments to send messages to their students) .
Campus Life & Leadership’s Diversity Initiative
Room 104
Jonathan Poullard, Christina Gonzales, & Edgar Ortega, Campus Life & Leadership, Minh Dang, Cal Corps Public Service Center, Cynthia Gordon, Center for Student Leadership, & Susan Trageser, Center for Student Conduct & Community Standards
Beginning and sustaining a diversity initiative can be challenging. During this session, staff from Campus Life & Leadership will share the process by which they established a diversity education program. The session will highlight the importance of grounding any diversity initiative in a theoretical framework and highlight necessary roles and responsibilities needed to maintain diversity work and training within your organization.