Event Schedule



 Schedule of Events:


(3:15PM - 3:45PM) Stay Day 2012 Info Session

(3:50PM - 4:00PM) Cal Men's Octet Performance

(4:00PM - 4:10PM) Welcome & warm up Activity: Tim LaFond, Annalyn Cruz, and Akirah Bradley

(4:10PM - 5:00PM) Networking Event with appetizers, desserts, and drinks 

1. Staff Org Tables: CSAC, APASA, CAN, ITP, Native American Staff Council, BSA & LavenderCal

2. Chat Corners: A student population I'd like to know more about...Issues that I see students dealing with... Student successes I am observing...New trends emerging with our students.

(4:50PM - 5:00PM) Raffle Door Prize and Thank You