Stay Day 2012: Interactive Theatre Program

"The Final Cut"
Directed by Michael Mansfield and Maria Lucero Padilla
Facilitated by Maria Lucero Padilla


The Interactive Theater Program uses live theatre and audience participation to encourage dialogue around inclusion, diversity and equity. Through facilitated dialog participants’ work through their own perspectives, emotions and assumptions to gain a greater appreciation of the underlying motivations and subtleties of misunderstanding that can escalate into conflict. The scenarios are multi-dimensional, revealing not only the dynamics of particular diversity issues, but also the dynamics of human interaction around the issues.


Opening Session 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Synopsis: The Final Cut

Junior year transfer Film Studies BA students all met each other briefly in late August during their Orientation Week. Two months have gone by and classes and projects have kept them busier than expected. It is late Saturday night and several students are working deep into the evening in the Dwinelle Hall 30 Digital Editing Center to complete their next film project assignments. The later it gets the more we learn about how first semester transfer year is going … really.


Marco – Louel Señores
Ylena – Yasmin Hadian
Donna  –  Shyanna Bryan
Seth  – Adrian Ramos