Stay Day 2011: Interactive Theatre Program

"Pride and Privilege" Interactive Theatre Program: 9:00am-10:00am

Interactive Theater is a collaborative experiential learning tool that uses live theater and audience participation to explore solutions to challenges in interpersonal interactions. Performers present scenarios on a range of diversity issues. Through facilitated dialogue the participants work through their own perspectives, emotions and assumptions to gain a greater awareness of issues that can lead to conflict or result in allegations or complaints of discrimination.

“Pride and Privilege”
Directed by Michael Mansfield
Facilitated by Maria Lucero Padilla

Daniel and Nathan are meeting in student residence lounge to kick around ideas for NAS 20A course paper. Daniel’s friend Tanya arrives before Nathan and vents about frustrating work situation. Daniel offers his best advice yet gives definite “mixed” signals to both Tanya and Nathan.

Tanya Lawson - Leah Villar
Daniel Hunt – Jason Guinee
Nathan Romero - Louel Señores