Stay Day: Best Practices Showcase

Best Practices Showcase: 11:30am-12:00pm

Internships and Conferences: Creative Approaches for Professional Development
Rick Wan, Residential Living, Office of Student Development

Exploring the Interactive Theater Program
Maria Lucero Padilla, Campus Climate and Compliance, Michael Mansfield, Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, Carla Trujillo, Graduate Opportunity Programs, & Allan Creighton, University Health Services

myResidency: A Product of Collaborative Efforts
Rose Chan-Gee & Joseph Mitola, Office of the Registrar
Indaba Multicultural Leadership Retreat: Creating an inclusive and socially aware community
Marissa Reynoso, Glenn DeGuzman, & Amanda Carlton, Center for Student Leadership
ISYS – Uniting the On-line Student Experience in the College of Letters and Science
Katie Dustin & Lourdes Miranda, Letters and Science Office of Undergraduate Advising
Wesley House & Campus Center: Serving Students as "Whole" Individuals in a New Model of Diverse and Residential Campus Ministry
Tarah Trueblood, Wesley House & Campus Center
Recognizing Students’ Needs in a New Light: A Look at the Student Affairs Staff Fellows Program
Annalyn Cruz & Akirah Bradley, Academic Services, Office of Student Development
Advising Task Force; learn more about what the ATF is about and what we strive to do
Melissa Hacker, Department of Music &Haydee Lindgren, Disabled Students Program
Helping Cal Students Succeed -- a Successful Business Model --
ASUC Lecture Notes Online
Karyn Houston & Kiesha Oliver, ASUC Auxiliary