Spotlight - Student Affairs Fellows

Mónica Reynoso
University Partnerships Officer, Incentive Awards Program (IAP)
Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students Office, Students of Concern (SOC)

Monica ReynosoGreetings! I am Mónica and I am a University Relations Officer with the IncentiveAwards Program.  I oversee the recruitment and outreach efforts at San Francisco and Salinas partner high schools; as well as, the service requirement component for the current IAP students. I am passionate about student affairs, and hope to continue to assist Cal in creating educational environments that foster academic success, motivation, personal growth, and persistence.

My interest in the SOC Fellowship with the Office of the Dean of Students comes from my desire build a stronger sense of community that unfortunately outreach and recruitment is not able to provide.  Presently, I believe I can be more effective at supporting students in their path towards educational success by being more knowledge of the UC Berkeley campus resources, but most importantly the partners.  The fellowship also complements my desire to pursue a higher education administrative role within student affairs in the near future.

As a SOC Fellow, my goal is to assist the Assistant Dean of Students in assessing the needs and concerns of campus constituents in dealing with students who display concerning, disruptive, or distressed behavior.

Roxanne Llamas-Villaluz
Academic Program Coordinator, Office of Student Development (OSD) in Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP)
Fellowship: Office of the Dean of Students Bears that CARE (BTC) Fellowship

Llama-VillaluzMy name is Roxanne Llamas-Villaluz.  I work in the Office of Student Development as the Academic Program Coordinator up at Foothill/Bowles/Stern as well as the coordinator of the Chemistry, Math, and Physics Tutoring Program in the Residence Hall.  I will be a Student Affairs Fellow working with the Bears that Care program in the Office of the Dean of Students. 

One of the projects I will be working on is the development of a peer to peer BTC training program. I am quite excited to be able to work with a program whose mission and goal is to provide students with opportunities to create community as active bystanders: “doing something instead of nothing” when they see others being bullied, harassed, or in unsafe environments.  My hope with this fellowship is to gain much more experience with violence prevention programs as well as working on a campus-wide project that I hope becomes a part of the fabric of the UC Berkeley community.

Elizabeth Rodriguez
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students
Fellowship: Student Life Advising Services (SLAS)/ Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

ElizabethHello, my name is Elizabeth!  I am the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students in the Division of Student Affairs.  In my role I provide direct support to the Dean in all aspects of his work i.e. event planning, project management, office management and communications.  I also provide support
to the Assistant Dean of Students in the same areas but also in the intake and management of low-level student crisis and I am the initial contact and coordinator in the event of a student death.

During my time with this office I have grown increasingly interested in the holistic development of students and began to explore my path towards becoming a Student Affairs practitioner.  As a Cal student I was part of the SLAS/EOP family and the program made a great impact on my journey and
challenged me to broaden my perspective.  When the SLAS/EOP Fellowship came along I jumped at the opportunity because I am ready to give back to the program and its students.  As a fellow I will utilize my professional and personal experience to advise current undergraduates towards success.

I look forward to working side-by-side with the Director, Fabrizio Mejia, starting in January and contributing to their mission by directly providing academic and personal advising to the Summer Bridge 2013 students.

Shannell Thomas
Resident Director, Office of Student Development
Fellowship: Student Life Advising Services (SLAS)/ Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

ThmoasHello! My name is Shannell Thomas and I am currently a Resident Director in the Office the Student Development. In this role, my current responsibilities include supervision of live-in Hall Staff, oversight for educational and social programming, adjudication of conduct cases, conflict mediation, first-line crisis response and overall residential community development.

I am particularly passionate about creating and implementing systems to improve the academic and social experiences of Cal's typically marginalized student populations. For this reason, being able to do a fellowship at the Educational Opportunity Program (E.O.P.) has been extremely fulfilling and even more informative.

As a Student Affairs fellow, my goal is to learn as much as possible about the mission and values of the Academic Affairs division - as it relates to providing equity for students. I also hope to, with hands-on advising training, gain additional insight about the holistic "academic counseling" approach which is utilized by E.O.P. and to hear about the comprehensive 'Berkeley' experience from the students whose stories fuel my passion for Student Affairs!

In addition to exposing me to the intricacies of student advising, I expect that this fellowship will allow me to develop long-standing partnerships with campus colleagues who are devoted to equity and inclusion. I will then, undoubtedly, be able to provide my residents with more opportunities to enact and benefit from our Principles of Community.