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The BPI Action Learning Workshop

What is the Business Process Institute?
The BPI Action Learning Workshop is based on a model called “Action Learning.” Those who participate learn by doing real work; through the course of the program participating teams will work on improving a business process.  There have been several campus departments who have participated in this Center for Organizational and Workforce Effectiveness (CORWE) program.
After completing the BPI Action Learning Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the steps and practices of mapping and deconstructing a business process, and performing a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement
  • Ask critical questions for analyzing a process
  • Recognize that technology is only one part of the solution to a business process problem; solutions often include changing practices and policies
  • Use a consistent language to talk about business process improvement
  • Redesign business processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Plan for the implementation of change

Why is Student Affairs participating in the BPI?
The SMART vision is four fold:

  1. Balance resource to support under-served mission-critical programs;
  2. Reduce service duplication and increase service levels;
  3. Organize and streamline administrative functions to create efficiencies and savings; and
  4. Improve how we work and the services we provide.

The two focal areas of the BPI process are Employee Relations and Budget Tracking.  The two SA teams are analyzing how to make some of the processes in these areas more efficient and easier to navigate.  By participating in the BPI, Student Affairs is creating more efficient processes that support the overall vision of the SMART effort and assist two of our critical resources: our people and how we track our budgets.

What Student Affairs employees are participating in BPI?
Two teams from across Student Affairs are currently participating in the BPI.
They are:
Employee Relations: Javier Gonzalez, Mike Laux, Shawn LaPean, Sandra Colonna, Amanda Carlton, Jim Sullivan, Liane Ko, Cindi Yoshimura, Jessica Weld, Chana Bailey, Lance Page, and Gary Lee (Sponsor)
Budget Tracking: Grahaeme Hesp, Millie Calingo, Bruce Miller, Xing Pan, Luther Aaberge, Karen Larsen, Rosemarie Legaspi, Kathy O’Brien, Maurice Porter, Crystal Parkinson, Kirsten Anderson, Anne Raftery, Adetokunbo (Bo) Adeyemi, Steve McCabe, Susan Roach, and Jodie Rouse (Sponsor)

If you have any questions about the Business Process Institute for Student Affairs, you may contact Lance Page (