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A Letter from Harry Le Grande

As you know, the University is engaged in several major efforts to reduce costs and streamline operations while continuing to ensure excellence.

The Division of Student Affairs has taken the opportunity to be proactive, to self-assess and to create the strategies necessary for reducing costs and creating efficiencies while focusing on how best to support the staff of Student Affairs and sustain excellent service and operations. The title of our effort is Strategic Management and Administrative Resource Transition (SMART).

We are reviewing several of our services in order to identify ways to minimize the impact of the current budget crisis on our division. The primary focus of the review has been Human Resources, Budget & Finance, and Administration. The focus of this review is consistent with measures being taken by the Office of the President and President Yudof's request that all campuses increase efficiency and reduce service duplication. Our efforts with SMART parallel the campus Operational Excellence (OE) efforts. We have a representative on the OE committee that is keeping Campus abreast of our plans and progress and we continue to enjoy their support.

Our long-term strategy is to maximize resources, increase efficiencies, and enhance the knowledge base of those involved in these activities. There are no short term plans to reduce administrative staffing.

To achieve this goal, I asked a team of Student Affairs managers to begin by looking at how we could best cluster these functional areas in Student Affairs. They were charged with:

  1. Balancing resources to support mission-critical programs;
  2. Reducing service duplication and increasing service levels;
  3. Organizing and streamlining administrative functions to create efficiencies and savings; and
  4. Improving how we work and the services we provide
  5. Based on that work, four clusters were created and directors, called SMART Directors, were appointed to continue the analysis, planning and implementation. The clusters and SMART Directors are as follows:
  • Lawrence Hall of Science - Flori Ramos
  • Residential & Student Service Programs - Eddie Bankston
  • Admissions & Enrollment - Joan Shao
  • Student Life - Susan Roach

You can help us by being proactive in this effort by providing us with your insights and feedback. Please email your questions and comments to

Please visit the SMART website at for more specific information and links to helpful information.

You will be provided with periodic updates on this project.

Thank you.

- Harry Le Grande