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Together, we define, plan and deliver solutions.


The SA Projects Team provides project management support for departments and individuals. Our mission is to provide a structured approach to identify, prioritize and manage a project portfolio that is aligned with the strategic priorities of the Division of Student Affairs. We are here to help you request and implement projects, ensuring they are well-defined, on time, and within budget. 

A project is a temporary, organized effort to create a unique product, service or result. Projects can focus on procurement, communications, technology, business development, process improvement and other areas. 


Request a Project


The first step when requesting a project is to ask your AVC or SA Executive Team representative for approval. Use the Information Needed for Project Requests to guide your conversation.  For procurement and communications projects, your AVC or Exec will contact the Divisional Director of Purchasing (Amy Weissenbacher) and Communications (Ellen Topp) to get your request started. Technology requests are initiated by emailing Katie Dustin in SA Projects.  Examples of projects include:

  • Technology: Security reviews or implementation of new software
  • Purchasing: A purchase that requires bids or an RFP
  • Communications: The creation of a new communications asset (like a new website) or major work on an existing asset (like a website refresh) (See details on communications project requests)
  • Business Development: Generation of new revenue opportunities through programs, projects and campus/corporate partnerships

If you are considering a software purchase, you are strongly encouraged to contact SA Projects first.  We may be able to direct you to software already in use within Student Affairs, thus avoiding a lengthy procurement and security review process.  Some examples include CampusLabs, which can be used for survey/data collection; Perceptive Content for secure document storage; Smartsheets for project management and workflow automation; and Salesforce for client relationship management and tracking.  There are many other software products available in the Division that may suit your particular needs.


Timeline for Project Requests

Technology requests must be submitted by March 15, 2020 for projects to be initiated in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. This detailed timeline provides information about each step of the tech submission process.  Purchasing, Communications and other projects may be requested at any time.


Project Approval 

Technology requests are prioritized and approved by the Student Affairs Executive Team. Purchasing and Communications requests are prioritized by the Divisional Directors and approved by the requesting unit’s AVC/SA Exec. Approvals are based on the following factors:

  • Alignment with Division and Department goals
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Purpose
  • Cost
  • Timeline
  • Size
  • Impact
  • Risk


Project Funding 

In addition to departmental funds, grants may be used to pay project implementation costs. Please explore the Student Tech Fund, Wellness Fund, CACSSF Student Services Fee Discretionary Fund and the Green Initiative Fund for funding opportunities.


Project Management 

Approved projects are assigned a project manager to coordinate the work.  Project Managers facilitate project teams, keep projects moving, and report on progress.  Project Managers are also available to consult on projects and provide training, templates and guidance.


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