SA Communications FAQs

What services does SA Comms provide?

Please refer to our service list


What if I have a small request like a new sign or website edit?

You can visit our Resources page for a series of templates. Or you can submit a request through our form. 


What if I’m experiencing a crisis communications situation?

Emergencies and critical communications needs: Please contact Adam Ratliff ( / (510) 365-4475) immediately with any crisis communications needs. 


Why did my request get declined?

Multiple factors and stakeholders are considered when accessing a project request. To gather additional details please contact your MCM or email for further details. 


Can I just do my project myself?

As you may be aware the Division of Student Affairs has been reducing work scopes in light of budget necessities. As a result, the projects that are approved are those that meet our divisional goals and most effectively meet the needs of our students. For that reason, it’s important that we only focus on approved work that support our overall operations.

It’s important to remember in this time that our division must focus on those prioritized needs, identified by our leadership, that serve our students most effectively. If a project request is declined or there is no capacity for your idea, please save it for a time when we may be able to revisit it. 

If you feel passionately about your project request or idea, we recommend you speak with your unit’s Associate Vice Chancellor and discuss further.