Student Affairs Communications

Who We Are

Student Affairs Communications (SA Comms) is a team of dedicated communications and marketing professionals who partner with all of the units in the Division of Student Affairs to provide communications support that helps students thrive in their academic journey and beyond. Our expert services include website maintenance support, graphic design, copywriting, marketing strategy, and much more. For staffing details, please see our organizational chart.

Mission Statement

Student Affairs Communications helps students navigate campus; we use our creative skills and industry expertise to reach students where they are and speak to them in a language they understand. We serve as a strategic partner for the division and the campus.


Student Affairs Communications strives to be strategic, innovative, and goal-oriented. Students (and related audiences who can include families, counselors, etc.) are the focus and purpose of our work. Our digital-first strategy will help ensure we fulfill that purpose.

Our Services

Please refer to our service list

Emergencies and critical communications needs: Please contact Adam Ratliff ( / (510) 365-4475) immediately with any crisis communications needs. 

Request a Communications Project

To accommodate the growth of our division, we have adjusted our project request process to better serve students, plan and prioritize. To help direct your request we have three request options. Please review the options below.

Annual/Recurring Communications Projects: 

Have projects that your unit has historically worked on with SA Comms or have already been approved? These projects will continue as planned, and we encourage you to work with your unit’s assigned Marketing Communications Projects Manager (MCM) for specific planning details. If your group is not listed, a representative from the SA Comms team will reach out to you when it is time to begin your work. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us at

New “Small Scope” Communications Projects: 

Have needs such as small website edits or social media small scope requests? 

Please use our Small Scope SA Comms Project Request Form to submit your request. 

Note, we no longer support design and writing requests at this time.

If needed a member of the SA Comms team will contact you within 2 business days with a status update or additional questions. Otherwise you can expect for your request to be completed as requested.

Peak Time Notice: Our team typically experiences a few peak times of year (Early Aug - Early Sept, and Feb - April) due to multiple, large communication efforts throughout the division that occur at the same time of year. Additionally, we are actively supporting COVID-19 pandemic communications. During these times you may experience longer turnaround times for your requests. Thank you for your patience and know we will complete your request as soon as we can.

"Large Scope" Projects for Executive Review:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are not supporting non-annual/non-recurring projects (ie., has not been previously approved and requires a significant level of work) at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

For technology or procurement requests, please visit Student Affairs Projects to learn more. 


Contact Us:  

Have questions? You may contact your unit’s Marketing Communications Projects Manager if applicable or


Project-Based Support:

Our team will proactively work with unit partners on established and approved projects. If you have new, ad-hoc projects, please use the appropriate request forms listed above. For additional questions, please contact