Student Affairs Communications

Who We Are

Student Affairs Communications (SA Comms) is a team of dedicated communications and marketing professionals who partner with all of the units in the Division of Student Affairs to provide communications support that helps students thrive in their academic journey and beyond. Our expert services include website maintenance support, graphic design, copywriting, marketing strategy, and much more. For staffing details, please see our organizational chart.

Our Services

Please refer to our service list

Emergencies and critical communications needs: Please contact Adam Ratliff ( / (510) 365-4475) immediately with any crisis communications needs. 

Request a Communications Project

To accommodate the growth of our division, we have adjusted our project request process to better serve students, plan and prioritize. To help direct your request we have three request options. Please review the options below.

Annual/Recurring Communications Projects: 

Have projects that your unit has historically worked on with SA Comms or have already been approved? These projects will continue as planned, and we encourage you to work with your unit’s assigned Marketing Communications Manager (MCM) for specific planning details. If your group is not listed, a representative from the SA Comms team will reach out to you when it is time to begin your work. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact us at

New “Small Scope” Communications Projects: 

Have needs such as small website edits, minor artwork edits, or other (non-annual, non-recurring) small scope requests? 

Please use our Small Scope SA Comms Project Request Form to submit your request. 

Submitted small scope projects typically take two business days for a response and completion. 

New "Large Scope" Projects for Executive Review:

For new large-scope, non-annual/non-recurring projects (ie., not a previously approved project and something that will require a significant level of work), these must be submitted to the divisional for review and approval. 

Please visit Student Affairs Projects to learn more and submit your large-scope project request. 


Contact Us:  

Have questions? You may contact your unit’s Marketing Communications Manager if applicable or

Dedicated Year-Round Support Contacts

Project Type / Unit SA COMMS MCM
Outreach and Yield projects - including Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, Cal Student Central, Cal Housing Melanie Hurley
Golden Bear Orientation, New Student Services, Move-In / Out projects Jen Denton
Cal Dining and Concessions Adolfo Guerra
Recreational Sports, Events and Conferences Andy Davis
Critical Communications - including Dean of Students (immediate office, Center for Student Conduct, Center for Support and Intervention, etc.), PATH to Care Center Adam Ratliff



Project-Based Support:

Our team will proactively work with unit partners on established and approved projects. If you have new, ad-hoc projects, please use the appropriate request forms listed above. For additional questions, please contact