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November 2014 Volume 1, Issue 3


Vice ChancellorStraight Talk from Associate Vice Chancellor LeNorman Strong

In our previous issue of RSSP: News Flash! I promised to keep you updated on the conversations Vice Chancellor Le Grande has been having with the Chancellor, the Provost and his peer Vice Chancellors Wilton and Lalanne. As you may recall in his letter to the division, Vice Chancellor Le Grande wrote: "Recently, I have been asked to examine how parts of our division, namely specific functions in RSSP (e.g., housing operations, maintenance) can be more integrated in central campus services. I am currently discussing with the Chancellor, the Provost and my peer Vice Chancellors Wilton and Lalanne, solutions that will make a positive and tangible difference for our 35,000 students." Then, and again in late September, we made it clear that no decisions have been made. This remains the case; these conversations are still ongoing and no determinations have been made. I am committed to keeping you informed as the process continues, even if the only news is no news.

Coming Soon: Strategic Planning Committee

The old Executive Steering Committee (ESC) will be replaced by the new Strategic Planning Committee which will focus on strategic priorities and long-term financial sustainability. The committee will be composed of three smaller work groups. Each will focus on one of the three areas: financial performance and sustainability, performance metrics and assessment, and strategic priorities and initiatives. Lead by Bob Flaharty for the first year, the committee will include 24 members including unit directors, operating managers, RSSP executives and subject matter experts from across RSSP. As the charter states, "The committee exists to provide advice on the strategic direction of RSSP and specific programs to the Associate Vice Chancellor.” Additionally, the committee will be a sounding board for operating units to seek feedback on business plans, new strategies and opportunities, and it will be a forum for all members to stretch their financial and operating knowledge of all parts of RSSP. Smaller groups will meet at least once a month while the larger Strategic Planning Committee will meet semi-monthly. The first meeting will be in late November. Stay tuned for more news.

Service AwardsPat on the Back: Service Awards

On October 16, RSSP staff members gathered for the annual Service Awards Luncheon (catered by Cal Dining) in order to share memories, celebrate retirements and mark some major milestones in service — 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service. Along with entertainment from The Berkeley Chinese A Capella Group and graduate student Kayla Carpenter, staff members Bettye Boles (10 year honoree) and Teodora Gonzalez De Rivera (15 year honoree) spoke about their cherished memories and their passion and joy in supporting students. Ten staff members celebrated retirements, including Stephen Deluca (20 years), Kit Fornoff (13 years), Chris Harvey (30 years), Manfred Hunold (33 years), Etete Lulu (27 years), John Moran (20 years), Ricardo Peneda (30 years), Randice Roberts (17 years), Willis St. Hill (18 years) and Tavie Tipton (28 years). Among the 90 honorees recognized for various years of service, Cephas John, Kathy O’Brien and Eugene Stokes were honored for their 30 years of hard work while Mary Ellen Miller and Jay Sicard were recognized for 35 years of service. Impressive! Congratulations to all of our honorees.



Listen Up

Learning and Development conducted three listening tours for RSSP staff members. The results from these tours have been clustered into “themes” such as supervisor-employee relationships, organizational structures and investments in employees and culture. RSSP Cabinet met on October 28 to review the results and is now working to develop the next steps. Stay tuned as we determine how best to leverage this feedback.


Communicating Our Value

Leaders from across RSSP participated in two messaging sessions on September 17 to focus on RSSP, as a whole, as well as the Early Childhood Education Program, in particular. These messaging sessions, led by Student Affairs Communications and a messaging expert, were designed to encompass the far-reaching aspects of our work and distill it into a concrete description that easily communicates what RSSP does and why. The exercises include the context for the work, ultimate goals and outcomes of initiatives, and priorities for the future. We are polishing these messages and plan to roll them out in the new year.


CalTimeCalTime for You or Your Student Workers

As of November 1, we have transitioned to CalTime. Non-exempt (hourly) employees and student workers must submit a timesheet in order to get paid. Non-exempt workers must submit timesheets every two weeks. Students must record their hours in “real-time” by logging into a computer at the start and end of their working periods or by swiping in and out. Staff members who swipe in and out will continue to do so. Any mistakes should be reported to your supervisor or Payroll as soon as possible. First timesheets were due November 8. The following timesheet deadlines will be November 22, December 6 and December 17. Prepare by checking out CalTime training materials on


Dream Big Strategic Planning Initiative Update

The Dream Big Strategic Planning Initiative, the ongoing initiative Student Affairs leadership started to help us improve the experience for students and staff, is continuing strong. The staff track of the Strategic Planning Initiative team is composed of a diverse group of 25 Student Affairs staff. Along with the full support of the Student Affairs executives, the team is leading the effort to identify our current culture and define a best practice future culture. The staff is using the principles of widening the circle, creating communities of action, connecting people and promoting fairness to reconstruct the Student Affairs culture. Our goal is a workplace where employees experience a sense of pride and commitment in their work, of camaraderie with their colleagues and of credibility, fairness and respect from supervisors and divisional leaders. This work is being guided by several best practice authors, including authors Richard Axelrod (Terms of Engagement), Connors and Smith (Journey to the Emerald City) and Kotter and Hesket (Corporate Culture and Performance), and previous focus group data gathered in the previous two years. Want to join the staff track and shape the new Student Affairs culture? Discuss your interest with a colleague on the team or contact Kun Yang (, the Learning and Development Coordinator. The student track is focusing on creating a cross-section of relevant campus stakeholders. The four subgroups are addressing: Underrepresented Populations, Events, Spaces and Complementing the Academic Mission. These groups are independently gathering information about their topics and identifying stakeholders across campus who can inform these conversations. The student track is also working on ensuring alignment with the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Experience Initiative to create a holistic experience for our students. To join the student track and help create a supportive environment for our students or to learn more about the initiative, reach out to a colleague on the team or visit


Administrative Summit

On October 10, Student Affairs Administrative Operations comprehensively rolled out all of their services to the division with the exception of low-value purchasing in RSSP, which became fully operational on November 3. Thank you to those who attended the all-day divisional Administrative Summit. Attendees received an overview of the services offered and participated in a Q&A session. Missed out? View the Administrative Summit Resources and visit for more information. For services, email or call 510-643-5001.


Friendly Reminder: Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations were due October 1. Thank you to those who have already submitted. Supervisors — turn in original, signed annual performance evaluations to Julienne Saunders Ellsworth (510-642-4145), 2nd floor RSSP, mail code: 2272. Staff members — please reach out to your supervisors or human resources partners if you haven’t received a performance evaluation. They are a critical part of your professional development.



We made a mistake on the last issue. The Pat on the Back: Move-in Weekend section read, “3,996 students checked into their new living spaces.” It should read “3,996 people moved in at Units 1, 2 and 3.”


Upcoming Events

November 11 - Veteran's Day. Central campus closed, residence and dining halls remain open.
November 27 and 28 - Thanksgiving holiday. Central campus and dining halls closed, residence halls remain open.

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