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August 2015 Volume 1, Issue 10


Straight Talk from Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton

I wanted to provide you with the latest information on the announced transition of facilities to the Real Estate Division. At this stage there has been only minimal change as we continue the search for a project manager who will help drive this effort. Many of the next steps in this process are dependent on that hire, and ensuring we have the best candidate for this position is a top priority. Rajiv Parikh from Real Estate and I have been asked to take a leadership role to help ensure this process progresses as quickly as possible. We are also looking at how to install a governance structure for this work.


As you will recall, campus leadership announced that custodial, maintenance, design services and campus restaurants will transition from RSSP to the Real Estate Division sometime in the next 18-24 months. An exact timeline will be established once a project manager is hired and many of the next steps in this process are dependent on that hire. As a reminder, you can find the announcement, updates, a series of FAQs, and a form where you can annonymously submit questions at You can also share any concerns you may have with your supervisor or a member of Cabinet. We are working on additional processes to more effectively share with and receive information from all employees. Understanding what is top of mind for you is critical and this information will help us plan for this transition.


Getting Ready for Back to School 

On Tuesday, July 21, members of RSSP senior staff assembled to be briefed on the current state of RSSP. RSSP leadership reviewed all current organizational charts, noting LeNorman Strong’s departure from the Associate Vice Chancellor position and Steve Sutton assuming the role in an interim capacity until April 2015 when the position will be listed. Leadership also clarified that Bob Flaherty’s position in Enterprise Operations will not be refilled.


Despite anticipated budget cuts in the upcoming year, RSSP is still focused on funneling funding toward innovation and success. Funding has been set aside for incentive awards, as RSSP feels that it is imperative to continue fostering staff successes and subsequent promotions. More details about budgets will be available soon.


With an eye on the future, each reporting unit presented on future goals and priorities for 2015-16. With new health initiatives and ambitious goals in the works, next year is shaping up to be a banner year for several RSSP departments, including significant revenue generation with Conference Services and Cal Dining. You can view each unit’s goals here:


Fall Kick-Off will be held on Tuesday, August 11, in the Krutch Theater in Clark Kerr from 8-11AM. During this meeting, we will provide additional updates on RSSP as an organization and preparing for the start of a new academic year.


Winner, Winner, Local Chicken Dinner 

In collegiate and university culinary arts, the ultimate professional tribute is the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) Loyal E. Horton Dining Award. This award celebrates exemplary menus, presentations, special dining events, and new dining concepts. At the NACUFS National Conference that took place on July 22 - 26th, Cal Dining won the grand prize for their October 24th "Extreme Local" meal in all four dining commons, which also incorporated a local farmer and vendor fair on Dwinelle Plaza. This meal was composed solely of locally sourced ingredients grown within 250 miles of campus, meaning many typical items were not available that night. Pepsi machines were turned off, the cereal bar was closed, and students experienced a truly local meal (even salt from the Bay!). This award also recognized the special marketing, menus, food presentation, educational information, and student involvement for this event. Congratulations to the entire Cal Dining team and watch for more details in the next issue of Grapevine!




Howdy New Neighbor! Solly Fulp and University Business Partnerships and Services

Some of you may have noticed a new neighbor on the second floor. Solly Fulp, the executive director of University Business Partnerships and Services (UBPS), and his team will be joining in the short-term us as they launch a new campus-wide initiative, The University Partnership Program (UPP). UPP is a new program aimed at exploring, managing, and advancing strategic business partnerships in alignment with Berkeley's values and mission. Under the previous model, various departments separately pursued and maintained partnerships, which often resulted in duplication of effort, multiple partners within the same category, and ultimately less revenue and services for the campus. By uniting existing partnerships and working collaboratively across campus units to achieve common goals, UPP will leverage the size and breadth of our campus to maximize the value for Berkeley and our students. With Shawn LaPean moving up to the fourth floor to join the rest of RSSP Cabinet, his old office was identified as the best temporary location to launch this important campus initiative. A couple of fun facts about Solly: he was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska, and is a big fan of Renee Simpson’s healthy smoothies. If you are on the second floor, please stop by and say hello!



Welcome New Staff! 

During the summer conference season, our ranks greatly expand to accommodate the increased pace of activity. Please join me in welcoming both our summer and career staff by saying “hello” to:


Cal Dining

  • Nathan Baker, Food Service Manager, Catering
  • Megan Beyer, NACUFS Intern, Cal Dining
  • Melissa Wei San Chong, NACUFS Intern, Cal Dining
  • Jesus Alonzo Guerrero, Sr., Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Monica Lee, Administrative Assistant, Cal Dining
  • Cindy Manzanares, Sr., Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Andrew Miyashiro, Cook, Cal Dining
  • Rederic Denex Gentrell Pratt-Colbert, Cook, Cal Dining
  • Anthony Saucier, Cook, Cal Dining
  • Vanessa Sicairos, Food Services Supervisor, Foothill Dining
  • Laurry Wailes, Food Service Manager, Crossroads Dining
  • Erben Fermon, Cashier, Cal Dining


Child Development Center

  • Louise E Specht, Child Development Center Assistant
  • Elizabeth Whitely, Child Development Center Assistant



  • Kristie Hue Chan, Senior Custodian, Housing
  • Renping Chen, Senior Custodian, Housing
  • Briana L Cravanas, Senior Custodian, Housing
  • Jason Delavega, Electrician
  • Tyler Idowu, Senior Custodian, Housing
  • Jerrald Randolph Muldrew, Senior Custodian, Housing
  • Steven Pymm, Electrician Leadworker
  • Jorge Rodriguez, Senior Custodian, Housing


Residential Education and Programs

  • Alessandra Maria Brown, Resident Director, Residential Programs
  • Addison Hughes, Resident Director, Residential Programs
  • Michal Jones, Resident Director, Residential Programs
  • Kawanna Leggett, Director of Residential Education
  • Crystal D White, Assistant Director, Residential Education


University Village

  • Brian M Bernier, Building Maintenance Worker, University Village
  • Maria Gonzalez, Senior Custodian, University Village
  • Ying Lei, Resident Advisor, University Village
  • Janaia Roeder, Resident Advisor, University Village
  • Kyle David Shiluk, Rec Program Instructor Generalist, University Village
  • Laura Uribe, Senior Custodian, University Village


We're glad to have you on board.




Our Mission: To provide the highest quality services and programs that ease a student's transition through the university and in the greater community, and to provide all our customers — students, faculty, staff and guests — with a quality customer experience.