RSSP Newsletter December 2015

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Residential & Student Service Programs Update

December 2015 Volume 1, Issue 14


Straight Talk from Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton


We are continuing to work on the RSSP Real Estate facilities transition. As you likely know, we have struggled to find a project manager to help guide this project. As such, the Steering Committee (Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande; Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Letters and Science Bob Jacobsen; Vice Chancellor for Real Estate Bob Lalanne; and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Jeannine Raymond), their chiefs of staff, as well as Real Estate’s Rajiv Parikh, University Partnership Program’s Solly Fulp, and myself are discussing other possible options. As this process continues, I will keep you updated.


Holiday Closure


Our students are wrapping up their classes and our staff are finishing their end of year projects. The 2610 Channing building will be closed to the public December 21-23. Many services will also be closed and the office more empty than usual so you will need to use your Cal1Card to enter the building. Please be mindful about who you allow inside the building. Campus will be closed for holidays and curtailment December 24 through January 3. However it will be open to RD staff who are taking care of year-round residents, project work, preventative and emergency maintenance and for critical facilities. Enjoy the well deserved break!


RSSP Senior Staff Meeting


On December 3, the RSSP Senior Staff gathered together to hear campus, Student Affairs and RSSP updates, discuss a new Balanced Scorecard tool that will provide focus and track progress on key RSSP initiatives, and most importantly, celebrate the great work and accomplishments of the first half of the fiscal year. Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton opened the session with a warm welcome, followed by a Senior Staff exercise to collectively capture YTD (year to date) accomplishments from across RSSP. These numerous efforts, which were captured on several large poster sheets set up around around the room, were impressive in both volume and in demonstrating our culture of care. Congratulations to all RSSP departments for all your hard work - you make Cal special for all of us!


Don’t be a Scrooge


Feeling stumped on what to give friends and loved ones on your "nice" list this year? Give a gift to someone special and UC Berkeley, let’s make holiday shopping a cinch! This holiday season, UC Berkeley is offering a variety of present ideas, so you're sure to find something for everyone. We have Cal branded gear as well as unique science, garden, and art themed gifts. For the person who has everything? You can donate to Berkeley in their honor. Happy Holidays and Go Bears!


Updates from Learning and Development


It’s time to GO BIG again! Our first Community Conversation (CC1), held on October 5th with the GO BIG Staff Initiative Team, explored the process of creating a better work environment. Fairness, personal connection and widened workplace involvement for everyone were some of the recurring ideas discussed, to which Mark Kinnard, Principal Custodial Advisor, asked the question “What would it be like if you felt like this most days?”

We want this everyday and encourage everyone to be on board, as such we have provided three Community Walkthroughs for those who were unable to attend our first Community Conversation to help them gain insights from CC1. The first Community Walkthrough was with the Early Childhood Education Program who are crucial as they begin the education of UC Berkeley’s “youngest students.” If you haven’t been able to attend yet, don’t worry there is one last Community Walkthrough on January 11, 2016. Our Community Conversation 2 (CC2), which will continue and develop this process, is taking place on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 from 10am-3pm at the brand new ASUC Student Union in the Pauley Ballroom. Registration is already open, so sign up and we’ll see you there!

CLICK HERE to register for CC2!



Update on SIS Project


The Student Information Systems (SIS) Project is transforming the way students will access UC Berkeley’s data and information. By fall 2016, SIS will overhaul disparate admissions, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, and advising systems with one central way to access information via CalCentral. In December, SIS made progress toward this goal by centralizing in CalCentral: updateable profile information (for all students) along with onboarding messages and checklist items (for incoming graduate and professional students) became possible. Please visit the SIS project website at any time for the latest updates, and contact the SIS project team if you have any questions or concerns.




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