RSSP News Flash

 Residential & Student Service Programs Update

November 2014 Volume 1, Issue 4


Thanksgiving picsA Personal Note from Associate Vice Chancellor LeNorman Strong


I’m writing to thank you for your hard work and commitment to providing excellent service to our students, clients and customers while so much change has been underway around all of us. Students, parents and our campus partners have let me know how much they appreciate the support they receive from our work. I’m grateful to you for doing such good work, and bringing those wonderful smiles and other encouraging greetings to our students and to each other.


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s all remember that this is a time to be with friends and family, and to reflect on those aspects of our lives for which we are grateful.


One of our RSSP colleagues and I had the occasion to have a wonderful conversation during which she expressed amazement and profound appreciation for the work her team is doing and the support they are receiving from colleagues across RSSP. She said, “I know that we have a lot on our plates, and that the changes we’re going through are tough, but we ought to also look at the important and successful work we’re doing, the good people we work with and the great things we’re doing for our students!” I couldn’t agree more. She went on to challenge me to make this a time during which I, and we all, might reflect on our accomplishments and to express appreciation to one another.


I want to start that reflection on 2014 and the appreciations I should share by letting you know that I am profoundly thankful for each of you. Thank you to the Dining team for innovating and serving new recipes. Thank you to the Housing team for finding housing for the three grad students displaced by the recent fire in their unit. Thank you to the Facilities staff for repairing the ruptured water main at Foothill. Thank you to the staff members who guide, coach and educate our resident hall advisors and students. Thank you to the teachers in ECEP for educating and nurturing our youngest students. Thank you to the maintenance teams who modify our facilities and keep them safe. Thank you to those who take care of our staff and who make sure we have what we need to do our jobs. Thank you teams who find and grow revenue streams and identify efficiencies to help fund the programs and services we offer.


There are so many more people to thank for so many things. Thank you ALL for supporting integrated residential, housing and dining services.


As you might have heard already, I am currently scheduling lunches and meetings in December so I can meet with as many of you as possible to thank you for your good work and to talk about what is going on in the Units.


I encourage you to take this time to express your gratitude to each other. We all depend on each other to accomplish our work; every member of the Residential and Student Service Programs has a vital role to play.


Thank you all and please enjoy your time with family and friends.



AVC LeNorman Strong