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RSSP News Flash

Residential & Student Service Programs Update

May 2015 Volume 1, Issue 8


Straight Talk from Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton

In our previous RSSP: News Flash, Associate Vice Chancellor LeNorman Strong and I shared details of the planned realignment of certain functions. The custodial, facility (maintenance, trades, and grounds services), and design & project services functions, and campus restaurants in the Student Affairs/RSSP portfolio will transition to the Divisions of Administration & Finance/Real Estate. We know how frustrating it can be to have such limited information and have heard that many of you are wondering why we're not telling you more. We wanted to share the news with you as early as we could so you can be engaged in the process of creating the plan. The core project team is still being finalized and our first meeting is scheduled for the week of May 11. As the team's work begins, we will share as many details as we can. If you have recommendations for project managers, change managers, and others who can aid this process, please let us know. In the meantime, we are continuing to address your questions in a series of FAQs that can be found here: We encourage you to read these and if you have additional questions to please submit them. I know that as a team we can support each other during this transition period.

New University Village UC Police Station 

A new UC Police Department (UCPD) station opened at University Village, Albany (UVA) in late February. This means increased UCPD presence and outreach for the campus community living at UVA.


At UVA, the new station is a hub for security-related endeavors, as well as resource room for residents. While supporting safety for residents, the officers will also take part in outreach activities, luncheons for kids, and provide safety advice and additional programming for the community (like pepper spray training, radKIDS, or property etching).


The station is mainly staffed by the Residential Student Liaison, Officer Wade MacAdam, and the Security Patrol Officer, Jody Daggs, who uses the station as his primary office when not on patrol. All UCPD officers have access, however, and Beat 5 officers and command staff can use the station to conduct interviews and write reports.


To reach the station, call (510) 642-6760, the main UCPD number. In an emergency, always call 911, or from a cell phone on or near campus, dial (510) 642-3333.


Reminder: New Student Affairs Master Program 

UC Berkeley has officially approved a Student Affairs Master’s Program in collaboration with the University of San Francisco (USF) to be launched next fall. Berkeley’s University Extension will offer the certificate program focusing on student affairs and higher education. Students who complete this four-course requirement at Extension will be eligible to complete an additional four courses at USF, culminating in a Master’s Degree in Organization and Leadership conferred by USF.


This graduate program will be rigorous, relevant, affordable, and convenient. The inaugural faculty that will be teaching in the Berkeley certificate program are all widely experienced doctorates and instructors. They are:

  • Dr. Greg Dubrow
  • Dr. Stacy Holguin - formerly of University of the Pacific, now with RSSP
  • Dr. Jaime Riley
  • Dr. Steve Sutton
  • Dr. Carol Takao - formerly of UC Berkeley, now at UCSF
  • Dr. Patricia Sato - ECEP

Extension has begun developing and marketing the program. They plan to enroll the first program cohort by Fall 2015 by offering two courses: Student Development in College - Theory to Practice and History of American Higher Education.



Reminder: Performance Reviews

It’s that time of year again! Please be advised that the updated performance evaluation forms for the Division of Student Affairs may be found here:

If you are a supervisor, you should be gathering performance data in preparation for writing the evaluation as per your department's schedule. As usual, all original, signed annual performance evaluations are due to HR by no later than October 1. Please submit them to Julienne Ellsworth at RSSP.  You may reach Julie by phone at (510) 642-4154, mail code 2272. Please reach out to your HR Business Partner if you have questions about the process or require support.


BDA Design Awards 

The Dwight Way Child Development Center, a new facility for the UC Berkeley Early Child Education Program, was recently honored by Berkeley Design Advocates (BDA) with a Design Award. This Design Award celebrates the innovative architectural design and dedicated civic engagement of each of its recipients, and the Dwight Way Child Development Center is no exception. The new $5 million UC Berkeley childcare facility, which was funded by RSSP, emphasizes safety and sustainability in its design, creating a contemporary and bright space ideal for young children. A few challenges were involved, including contaminated soil, two uncapped water wells, and a very tight location. Congratulations to members of the RSSP team, including LeNorman Strong, Chris Harvey, Bob Flaharty, Mary-Ann Spencer Cogan, Marianne Metallo and Tom Mucha, who were integral to the successful completion of this project.


Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award

Congratulations to the RSSP Think Tank Task Force for being selected as a recipient of this year’s Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award (COSA)! This RSSP team consisted of James Carroll, Glenn DeGuzman, Markolane Gayles, Joe Gentile, Robin Hershkowitz, Nancy Jurich, and Jessica Snider. This award honors staff who take initiative and go above and beyond in their contributions to the Berkeley campus community. The RSSP Think Tank Task Force was honored on May 7 by Chancellor Nicholas Dirks at the COSA ceremony. Glenn DeGuzman was also part of the APASA team which received another COSA award. Congratulations again to the RSSP team!


Welcome New Staff

Say hello to:

  • Sarah Ann Abelson: Gymnastics Instructor, UVA Rec Programs
  • Lissette Yadira Alvarez: Substitute Teacher, ECEP
  • Shannon Blalack: General Manager, Campus Restaurants
  • Yvelise Cabral: Substitute Teacher, ECEP
  • Angelina Michelle Chavez: Lead Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Marilou S Clemente: Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • William Ryan Coe: Cook, Cal Dining
  • Gerardo Cortez, Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Douglas Neil Crawford, Administrative Officer, Cal Dining
  • Geronimo R Evjen: Senior Custodian, Cal Dining
  • Robin Lynn Finell: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Berta Rosa Fruehan: Substitute Teacher, ECEP
  • Jonathan W Hanna: Cook, Cal Dining
  • Tamra Hardin: Administrative Assistant, Cal Dining
  • Anita Kit-Yu Lau-hung: Events Specialist, Catering
  • Anthony Magnia, Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Jose Manuel Martinez: Senior Executive Chef, Cal Dining
  • Rodolfo Mendoza: Cook, Cal Dining
  • Jean Morgan: Substitute Teacher, ECEP
  • Ginger Louise Park: Teacher Assistant, ECEP
  • Kendrick Bernard Payne: Pilates Instructor, UVA Rec Programs
  • Landon Louis Philips: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Cheng F Saechao: Substitute Teacher, ECEP
  • Heidi Scribner: Director, Facility Services
  • Elsie Segal: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Kenneth Bert Sherman: Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Miekeo J Taylor Jr.: Senior Custodian, Cal Dining
  • Kyia Threatt: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Petre Michele Villa: Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Ashley J. Williams: Senior Food Service Worker, Cal Dining
  • Ikeda K Williams V: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Clarice Wong-Morrison: Cashier, Cal Dining
  • Gildardo Zepeda-Morales: Cook, Cal Dining

We’re glad to have you on board.


LeNorman's Parting Words

I have been honored to work with the RSSP team, and our colleagues in Student Affairs, as we’ve undertaken hard work to serve our students and other customers. As I transition into retirement, my heart has been filled with warmth and fond memories, as so many of you have come by to offer congratulations. The cards, flowers, books, goodies, and “adult beverages” are much appreciated.


As you’ve heard me say on several occasions, our work is primarily the caring for other people’s children, be they our wee ones in the Early Childhood Education Program, or the 60-year-old grandparents who are either students themselves or who live with their children at University Village. RSSP staff have done a wonderful job that has made a difference in the lives of so many people. We should all be proud of that.


Thank you for your service. As we go forward, please know that I will remember Berkeley and our accomplishments.

Finally, I leave you with the Irish Blessing as my thanks and hope for each individual and our business partners.

Sincerely, LeNorman


Our Mission: To provide the highest quality services and programs that ease a student's transition through the university and in the greater community, and to provide all our customers — students, faculty, staff and guests — with a quality customer experience.