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The quality of the student living experience is a key ingredient for success at the University of California, Berkeley. The idea of a living and learning environment mandates incorporation of all aspects of student life into a comprehensive program. The Department views itself as an integral component of this concept, and defines its roles by the following:


  • Provide contemporary programs and services that support students' academic and social needs
  • Provide safe and clean facilities
  • Provide educational programs and services to the children of students, staff and faculty on the Berkeley campus
  • Have a continued commitment to growth and development


Meet Basic Needs
In order to preserve Berkeley's academic program, our students must have their basic needs met. We must establish and maintain facilities which house students in safety and comfort and provide them with the services and amenities necessary to succeed at the University of California. 


Foster A Learning Community 
The Departmnent must contribute positively to students' academic goals and experiences at the University of California. We accomplish this objective through the provision of a trained residence life staff and facilities including appropriate learning environments like our academic centers. 


Provice Educational and Community Service Opportunities Outside of the Classroom 
In order to learn and develop beyond the classroom, students need opportunities to actively explore and participate in activities that promote leadership, service and community. Housing and Dining Services and the Early Childhood Education Program are commited to this objective by actively supporting student organizations (Residence Hall Assembly) and groups within the campus living community. The Department also encourages development through employment opportunities for students within the organization.