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December 2014 Volume 1, Issue 5


Tragedies Near Campus

As you likely saw on the news, we've recently suffered the loss of two students in our community. One was a resident, the other a guest visiting friends in an unrecognized fraternity house near campus. We don’t know precisely what happened, but police officials are keeping us informed. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families, friends and all who knew these two young people. UC Berkeley is offering impacted students counseling and other support services as the campus community mourns these tragic losses. Thank you to the staff coordinating and offering these support services. These are active investigations and it is premature to speculate about what may have happened but once we find out more, we will collaborate with community partners to see how best we can provide support.

A Thank You Note from Associate Vice Chancellor LeNorman Strong

Thanks for the notes and cards sent while I was ill. While I'm still dealing with fatigue, the good news is that the virus is gone and I'm getting back up to full speed! Again, thanks for your many kindnesses.

Straight Talk Update from Associate Vice Chancellor LeNorman Strong

In our previous issue of RSSP: News Flash!, I updated you on the conversations Vice Chancellor Le Grande has been having regarding a proposed integration of RSSP into central campus services. As of now, conversations are still ongoing and no determinations have been made. Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande has asked that I prepare a paper that explains the nature of integrated residential, housing and dining services and the importance of the planning, collaboration and responsiveness that facilitates the immediate, efficient and creative response to student concerns, issues, etc. This paper will be a resource used by campus executives who will be discussing reorganization ideas and will provide an opportunity to highlight the great work we do, together.



Update on Bowles Hall

We are continuing to work closely with the Real Estate Office. Real Estate representatives are currently negotiating the lease agreement for Bowles Hall. It is not finalized, but it is in process. The university is not selling Bowles Hall; rather, we are leasing it to an organization called the Bowles Hall Foundation, made up mostly of alumni. The design team for the Bowles Hall Alumni Foundation is beginning to put together their building plans and there are many consultants coming in and out of Bowles Halls to complete the appropriate measuring, studying and planning. They are anticipating starting construction at the conclusion of the spring 2015 semester and want to make sure they are prepared. They expect to reopen Bowles Hall in fall 2016 as a co-ed facility for first-years through seniors. We will continue to update you as developments occur.


Pat on the Back: Spot Award Winners

Congratulations Spot Award winners! The Spot Awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to specific projects or tasks. The RSSP Spot Award winners include:

  • Jennifer Albers
  • Michael Cupp
  • Mary Ferrer
  • Bryan Jones
  • Shawn LaPean
  • Michael Laux
  • Marianne Metallo
  • Thomas Mucha
  • Gabriela Rojas
  • Lucky Vasquez
  • Enrrique Villasana
  • Puyu Xiong

Thanks for all you do!


Cal 1 Card Office - Temporary Home

The Cal 1 Card Office in Lower Sproul will be closed from December 19, 2014 through January 20, 2015 due to construction work. During this closure, a temporary Cal1Card location will be set up in Unit 3. Please visit the Cal 1 Card website to stay up to date on further developments:


In the Field

A new series of “In The Field” lunch discussions and office hours has been launched, where AVC LeNorman Strong will be spending time with staff from each unit. There will be a table for 10-15 staff to join him for lunch and conversation. Additionally, he will be holding approximately two hours of “office hours” on location. Final schedules are currently being worked out and staff should be hearing about his visit to their unit very soon.


Thanksgiving at the Residence Halls

With turkeys supplied by Cal Dining, the Residential Life team whipped up some sides and served 225 students (twice the number expected) a free Thanksgiving dinner in the Foothill dining commons on Thursday, November 27. The menu included all the standards -- turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, fixings, pumpkin pie -- as well as vegan and vegetarian options. There was also a last minute pizza order to accommodate everyone! The Bear Market in Unit 3 was also open on a partial schedule Friday and Saturday to serve the estimated 200 customers who needed those services. Thank you to our dedicated staff for helping ensure our students were able to enjoy a happy holiday.


Invitation to Join the Berkeley Staff Assembly

The Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA) is a free campus organization for all UCB staff.  BSA creates community, champions staff interests and provides opportunities for networking and development. Members of BSA can opt-in to receive email announcements of BSA and other campus events.  All RSSP staff are members of BSA.  If you would like to receive the BSA emails/newsletters, please visit or


Leadership Meeting Updates

On November 13, members of RSSP gathered to discuss organizational culture within RSSP. Learning & Development presented to the group, engaging the group through voting technology which allowed many individuals to confidentially share how they felt about RSSP’s current culture. A lot of time was spent discussing potential initiatives to build a future culture within RSSP. There was also an OSHA (health and safety) presentation and an overview of the new Student Affairs Communications team, which helped us learn how to better work with that new team structure. Additional follow-up meetings to take action on the RSSP culture are being scheduled soon.


Upcoming Events

December 24 through January 1 - Curtailment. Entire campus closed.
December 22, December 23, January 2 - RSSP winter office closure. Staff who are able to take time off for these dates will be expected to use accumulated compensatory time, vacation time or leave without pay. Please make sure to fill out the curtailment form with your supervisor.


Welcome New Staff

Say hello to:

  • Meagan Clemence - ECEP
  • Jena Eiden - Cal Catering
  • Jennifer Garcia  - Cal Dining
  • Stacy Heldman-Holguin - Residential & Housing Services
  • Marisol Pezman - Cal Catering
  • Patricia Sato - ECEP

We’re glad to have you on board.


Our Mission: To provide the highest quality services and programs that ease a student's transition through the university and in the greater community, and to provide all our customers — students, faculty, staff and guests — with a quality customer experience.