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About RSSP


We Support Student Success

Living in our residence halls boosts academic performance and improves retention.

Our living/learning communities create a healthy and supportive living experience that leads to a sense of belonging and academic success. RSSP helps retain all students, regardless of their academic preparation, resources, or background, by providing a safe, functional, engaging, and diverse environment. Students are more likely to stay and persist at Berkeley when they gain a sense of belonging by participating in our co-curricular activities. We understand the issues most relevant to students today, and provide services to help ensure Berkeley maintains our talented students, regardless of background or resources.


RSSP Units

Each RSSP unit contributes to making our living/learning communities relevant, engaging, and active. As a campus auxiliary, we deliver operational excellence in service to UC Berkeley's mission, while contributing significantly to University priorities.

University Housing 

Our residence halls provide integrated living/learning communities that engage students with campus life and foster academic success. We have:

  • Average 100% occupancy
  • 6,531 undergraduates in residence halls
  • 248 single graduate students in apartments
  • 594 undergraduate students in apartments
  • 974 apartments with 2,411 student family members
  • 26 faculty apartments

UC Berkeley Housing

Res Life 

We create and support programs and initiatives designed to emphasize the importance of community and academic development within undergraduate housing. Creating a living/learning experience, each of the varied programs strengthens an undergraduate’s personal development, intellectual growth, and ability to develop lifelong relationships. We have:

  • 145 student live-in staff (RAs, TPAs, and CLAs)
  • 6 Resident Faculty
  • 40 Residential Student Academic Tutors
  • 14 Master level professional Resident Directors
  • 4 Academic Leadership Coordinators
  • 400 students who participate in the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA), National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and Hall Councils leadership positions

About our programs:

  • 1,219 programs were hosted in the single undergraduate and graduate residential communities
  • 23,272 students participated in programs, with these programs having noteworthy participant numbers:
    • Alcohol Alternative | 5,156 students
    • Academic Success | 2,654 students
    • Mental Health & Wellness | 1,782 students
  • 3,085 programs were based on our 2015-2016 Learning Outcomes

Residential Life

Our staff directory

Cal Dining & Cal Catering 

Cal Dining focuses on nourishing the Cal community, both for physical and social well-being, through customer-driven programs, culinary excellence, and campus social responsibility. Cal Dining is a leader among universities in providing locally sourced, organic and sustainable food. Cal Dining employs over 350 career staff, 150 part-time staff, and 450 student employees. We have:

  • 14 locations throughout campus serving over 5 million meals annually, plus food service at California Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion
  • Cal Catering serves over 3,000 events a year
  • Cal Culinary provides concession services for over 230 sporting events a year and training tables to over 10 sport teams
  • A peak day for Cal Dining includes serving an average of over 32,000 guests, and on a football game day we serve over 30,000 guests at California Memorial Stadium
  • We have over 6,600 residential meal plan holders and over 5,000 optional meal plan holders including undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff

Cal Dining
Cal Catering

Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP)

Our Early Childhood Education Program teaches UC Berkeley’s youngest students in a nurturing, stimulating environment that is foundational to lifelong learning. ECEP works closely with UC Berkeley faculty and researchers on early learning and development research. Five Child Development Centers serve children from 3 months of age.

  • Enrollment capacity for 263 children (45 infants, 80 toddlers, 138 preschoolers)
  • Dwight Way, (2 classrooms each, infant and toddler)
  • Clark Kerr Center (2 toddler classrooms and 1 preschool classroom)
  • University Village, Albany (1 toddler and 1 preschool classroom)
  • Haste Child Development Center (2 classrooms each, infant through preschool)
  • Harold E. Jones Child Study Center (2 preschool classrooms)

Early Childhood Education Program

Conference Services

Our very popular and talented event planners customize meeting facilities, dining options, and accommodations to meet our clients’ needs for summer conferences and year-round events. We also provide food, housing, and a community environment for summer session students. In the summer of 2015 Conference Services also supported 22,000 conference guests. Our services include:

  • 361 events total for 2015
  • 227,559 bed nights for 2015
  • $15.6 million in gross revenue

Conference Services

Facilities & Maintenance

Facility Services maintains and improves the environment for the academic housing and summer conference experience, delivering effective customer service, efficient operations, and a high level of support for RSSP buildings and surrounding grounds. We maintain, repair, and clean:

  • 150 buildings across 90 acres of university property
  • 1.6 million square feet of single student residential halls and apartments; 1 million square feet of student family apartments
  • Another 500,000 square feet of nonresidential buildings, including 4 dining commons and adjoining stores, campus retail dining, childcare, conference spaces, and administrative areas
  • 24/7 maintenance coverage, including use of green supplies and procedures
  • We spent over 8 million on projects
  • 49,821 work orders were handled

Maintenance Request

RSSP Staff

Our expert professional staff support students from “survive to thrive, ” helping students to get on track to graduation. We also offer a vibrant student employee experience that builds positive personal and life experiences. We have:

  • 653 Career Employees
  • 222 Limited Staff
  • 1,692 Student Employees 

RSSP Staff

Note: Data for all units current as of October 2018