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October 2015 Volume 1, Issue 12


Straight Talk from Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton

The planned RSSP Real Estate facilities transition is continuing. The Steering Committee of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande; Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Letters and Science Bob Jacobsen; Vice Chancellor for Real Estate Bob Lalanne; and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Jeannine Raymond has begun meeting. The committee, supported by myself, Real Estate’s Rajiv Parikh, and University Partnership Program’s Solly Fulp, are continuing to look to fill the project manager position and are also working on some back-up plans in the event we continue to have difficulty filling that position.

To ensure this important work continues to progress, the Steering Committee has begun to outline preliminary timelines with goals of completing major work by July 2016, though some changes may occur before then. These are still in development but as we settle on dates, I will share them with you.


Check Your Paychecks for Salary Adjustments!

This year, the campus is rolling out a salary program that is different from the across the board increases that many of you may have seen in the past. This is because the UC Office of the President issued new requirements that require all campuses move to a merit-based increases by 2017 and the campus is taking steps this year to move in that direction. The salary adjustments are applicable to non-represented staff; represented staff compensation is determined by their collective bargaining. Individual increases will be determined by your manager and will vary based on merit and internal equity reviews. There is no fixed percentage for increases, they will be determined by the limits the funds and the parameters of the program.

If eligible, you will see the merit increase in the October 30 (for those paid monthly) or November 4 (for those paid bi-weekly) paychecks. Merit-based pay, for those who are eligible, will be retroactive to July 1 and retroactive pay will be received in the December 1 (for those paid monthly) or November 18 (for those paid bi-weekly) paychecks. For those who are approved for equity increases, these increases will be effective October 1 and will not be retroactive.

Find out more:


Money Matters


The Student Affairs Finance team is in the process of analyzing first quarter financials, covering July through September, for RSSP. The team received the numbers on Monday, October 19 so there is still more analysis needed but a quick review shows overall we are currently on track for revenue but may be trending slightly unfavorable in overall compensation expense (our largest expense item). However, we are trending favorably on all other expenses when compared to FY16’s budget. The Finance team will be diving deeply to identify areas that might need closer monitoring or course corrections plus looking ahead to see what this first quarter suggests for the year. While we appear to be mostly on track, we anticipate additional challenges over the current and next few fiscal years based on the overall campus budget situation.

Additionally, the Finance team is continuing to evolve and develop more effective tools and reports to account for RSSP’s finances and help managers plan and adjust more easily to emerging trends. We know that Cal Planning is primarily a fund accounting tool and doesn't provide the type of detail that allows our revenue producing units to directly match all expenses to related revenue generation. The Finance team will continue to seek key stakeholders’ feedback and support as the team adapts to better meet RSSP and Division needs. We appreciate your patience.


Congratulations VC Le Grande!


Recently, our Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Harry Le Grande, was selected as a 2016 American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Diamond Honoree. Those nominated for the Diamond Honoree Program are recognized for their outstanding and sustained contributions to higher education and to student affairs. You can read more about the members of the 2016 Diamond Honoree class and learn more about VC Le Grande’s contributions to higher education, here. VC Le Grande will be formally recognized at the upcoming ACPA conference in Montreal, Canada, in March 2016. In the meantime, however, please congratulate him when you see him on campus for his well-deserved achievement.


Missed State of the Division? Watch it now


To see a recording of State of the Division, including the videos shown, please visit


Senior Leader Onboarding and Berkeley Staff Experience Program


The Division of Student Affairs supports our leaders to demonstrate the behaviours that inspire others to want to give their best effort. This October, Learning and Development kicked off its fourth annual Senior Leader Onboarding to ensure Student Affairs leaders have the coaching, training, networking opportunities they need to lead successful teams. In September, Marney Randle (Resident Director, Unit 1, Deutsch & Slottman Halls), a Student Affairs Fellow working with Learning & Development, launched the Berkeley Staff Experience Program! This new program encourages Division of Student Affairs staff to be active participants in opportunities for professional development, engagement, and connection. Be sure to read more about how to participate and earn awards.


Student Affairs Fellowship Program


The Student Affairs Fellowship Program provides valuable professional development experience to staff who want to expand their experience and expertise. Paired with senior campus leaders, Fellows have the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, receive direct feedback and mentorship, as well as collaborate and network across the department and campus. This fall, Fellows from RSSP include:

  • Joonie Kim, Operations Manager, University Village, who is wrapping up her fellowship project on the CampusConnexions web page with the LEAD Center and Risk Services. OP-Risk has agreed with all but one of the changes Joonie recommended for the CampusConnexions web page. After a final review in September, the changes will be implemented by Marsh. The fellowship work will have an impact on students across the entire UC system.
  • Marney Randle, Resident Director, Unit 1, Deutsch & Slottman Halls, who recently launched the Berkeley Staff Experience Program.
  • Robin Hershkowitz, Manager for Student Initiatives & Special Projects, Residential & Housing Services, who is just embarking on a new fellowship with Student Affairs Communications.
  • James Kato, Resident Director, Unit 3, Ida Sproul & Priestley, who worked on the Student Affairs Ambassador program that will launch in Fall 2015.

Thanks to all our current and past Fellows. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.


SIS Project Update: The Student Factor


The SIS project has assembled a diverse team of UC Berkeley, technology, and higher education experts to design and implement Berkeley’s new Student Information Systems (SIS). The intention from the beginning of the project has been to draw upon the expertise of students to help design the new SIS. In addition to engaging the larger student population, roughly 10 percent of SIS staff are students. These students contribute hundreds of hours each month to the project. They provide SIS design feedback, develop code, create screen design prototypes, validate webpage navigation, write testing scenarios, generate workflows, make training videos, and more.

One critical contribution by these talented students was the creation of an Academic Planning & Enrollment “Journey” Map. User Experience (UX) design intern students, Shannon Chu and Drake Myers, conducted research and analysis over the summer on how students approach Academic Planning and Enrollment and their results are now at the center of the new SIS CalCentral interface that will improve this very important student workflow. The map is helping the SIS project identify "touchpoints" with the SIS, and understand how students make decisions. Additionally, the students' research is helping the project set priorities and guide work moving forward. As the SIS project progresses, it will continue to leverage the amazing minds, creative ideas, and unique perspectives of our UC Berkeley student staff.


Welcome New Staff! 


Please join me in welcoming new staff by saying “hello” to:

Cal Dining

  • Jon Avalos, Food Services Supervisor 2

  • Liam Bonner, Chef Manager

  • Kristin Boston, Events Specialist 1

  • Jayvin Brewer, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Min Young Chang, Food Service Worker Sr

  • Jerhana Chatman, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Kim Cowperthwaite, Assistant 2

  • Kylia Cyrus, Cashier

  • Jennifer Delgadillo, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Samantha R Elliott, Food Service Worker Sr. 

  • Geronimo Evjen, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Terri Fitch, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Anquienette Grant, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Juan Gutierrez, Cook

  • Crystal Harvey-Cooper, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Jackie Haywood, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Andres Hernandez-Ortiz, Cook

  • Mecca Id-Deen, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Maya Jeffries, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • V Maria Esmeralda Lopez, Cook

  • Samantha Lubow, Project/Policy Analyst 2

  • Aziza Mcelroy, Cashier

  • Fermin Medina, Cook

  • Kim Thien Nguyen, Clerk Sr/Secretary

  • Luis Ortiz, Food Services Supervisor 1

  • Vanessa Pina, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Timothy Proctor, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Davis Pizano-Manzanares, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Terrence Richard Jr., Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Benjamin Reid, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Emile Sanders, Cook

  • Ester Santos, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Stephanie Starr, Cashier

  • Michael Stelly, Food Services Supervisor 2

  • Darren Thomas, Cook

  • Roberta Tugwel, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Hermanus Van Greunen, Sr. Food Service Worker

  • Tenika Williams, Cashier

  • Sherri Wilson, Sr. Food Service Worker


Early Childhood Education Program

  • Sofy Alvarado, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Janelle Bentley, Child Development Center Ass't

  • Fereshteh Hesari, Child Dev Ctr Teacher 1 PD

  • Adrian Gonzalez, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Kaitlyn Jaap, Program Assistant

  • Brandi Jackson, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Yen N. Luong, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Michelle Rhone, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Tiffany Sims, Child Development Center Teacher

  • Megan Stone, Admin Assistant


Facility and Housing Services

  • Redwan Abdulfara, Sr. Custodian

  • Ildefonso Arroryo, Stationary Engineer

  • Lisa Bagnatori, Apt. Housing Coordinator

  • Debbie Cohen, Cal Housing Coordinator

  • John Daniels Jr., Sr. Custodian

  • Wallace Epps, Sr. Custodian

  • Matthew Hale, Sr. Custodian

  • Reyes Macias, Painter

  • John Mccole, Sr. Custodian

  • Uber McCrary, Stationary Engineer

  • Jocko Milan,  Sr. Custodian

  • Marlon Walker, Sr. Custodian

  • Marquis Walker, Sr. Custodian


Residential Education

  • Are Ginevra, Resident Advisor 2

  • Henri Jufry, Resident Advisor, UVA

  • Guilherme Tacca, Resident Advisor 2

  • Daria Shipilina, Resident Advisor UVA


Residential Programs

  • Andrew Gilbert, Rec Program Instructor 2

  • Danielle Nanez, Rec Program Instructor 2

  • Mia O'brien, Rec Program Instructor 2


We're glad to have you on board.




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