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November 2015 Volume 1, Issue 13


Straight Talk from Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Stephen Sutton


We are continuing to work on the RSSP Real Estate facilities transition. The Steering Committee of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande; Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Letters and Science Bob Jacobsen; Vice Chancellor for Real Estate Bob Lalanne; and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Jeannine Raymond are continuing to meet and are still on target for the July 2016 deadline. Real Estate’s Rajiv Parikh, University Partnership Program’s Solly Fulp, and I have begun some project work, helping to create plans leading up to those deadlines and we'll hopefully have more information to share with you soon. As a reminder, if you have questions, please reach out to me or you can submit anonymous questions at


Thanksgiving in the Residence Halls


Every year we have students who don’t travel home for the Thanksgiving holidays. This year, Residential Housing Services and CalDining have teamed up to offer these students the full Thanksgiving experience. CalDining will serve Thanksgiving dinner 3pm-5pm in Cafe 3. CalDining is expecting to serve between 300 and 500 students a special feast featuring turkey, stuffing, gravy, a vegetarian option, and all the traditional fixings, ending with pumpkin pie. CalDining will also offer limited service hours over the weekend (Friday: Brunch 11am-1pm, Dinner 5pm-7pm; Saturday: Brunch 11am-1pm, Dinner 5pm-7pm; Sunday: Brunch 11am-1pm). Regular service will resume Sunday night for dinner at 5pm (5:30pm for CKC).

Residential Education is helping to enhance the experience with group viewings of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and football games as well as various small group activities and events designed to celebrate the holiday and bring our community together. Thank you to all of the staff who work to make our halls a true home.


Continuing to GO BIG


You may have been a part of the action at the first GO BIG Community Conversation (CC1) held on October 5th at the Clark Kerr Conference Center. If you were not able to attend, we welcome you to the conversation by participating in one of two Community Walkthroughs on Wednesday, November 18th in the Unit 1 APR:

  • 9:45-11:00 a.m.
  • 1:45-3:00 p.m.

Check with your supervisor and then CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! You can also visit or call Learning and Development at (510) 643-9333. To learn more about the Community Walkthroughs check out this quick video or visit

The first Community Conversation (CC1) is just the beginning. In February, we’ll hold a second Community Conversation (CC2) that will focus on our present culture. We’ll learn how our individual behaviors will lead us to our aspirational vision! Stay tuned, more details will be sent soon.


Did They Steal Our Name? Nah, We’re a ‘Big’ Campus!


While it sounds similar to our divisional culture work of GO BIG, the Big Give is Berkeley’s 24-hour, online fundraising event. It’s coming up on November 19 and we encourage you to participate. Philanthropy is the university’s fastest-growing funding source and a critically important one. Join thousands of alumni, students, parents, and friends in showing your passion for Berkeley and support for students.

We encourage you to get involved. Help spread the word and encourage family and friends to support students for as little as $10. Help us give bigger on November 19 by making a gift that makes a difference. Use #berkeleystudentsfirst to follow activities on social media.


RSSP Thank You: Service Awards


On October 6, RSSP staff members gathered for the annual Service Awards Luncheon (catered by CalDining, of course!) in order to share memories, celebrate retirements and mark some major milestones in service — 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service. 30 staff members celebrated retirements and 62 honorees were recognized for various years of service. Congratulations to all of our honorees.

10 Years:

  • Ahmed Ali
  • Boston Banks III
  • Martha Bruno
  • Teresa Cuellar
  • Cuifang Cindy Deng
  • Glenn DeGuzman
  • James DePianto
  • Jennifer Eran
  • Maria de los Angeles Garcia
  • Aurora Goodwin
  • Darvin Jones
  • Katherina Kwong
  • Qui Sie Liu
  • Patricia Moreno
  • Layla Naranjo
  • Frank Narvaez
  • Catherine O’Sullivan
  • Annette Percy
  • Katherine Rothacher
  • Jill Ruffin
  • Qwanisha Stokes
  • Yin Tseung
  • Cuiyi Cherry Wu
  • Lily Li Tao Yee

15 Years:

  • Ramiro Barsenas-Rocha
  • Meilan Chen
  • Fanny Corne
  • Francisca Duran
  • Gerardo Flores Garcia
  • Yolanda Gallegos
  • Joel Gonzales
  • Guadalupe Guerrero
  • Gloria Guido
  • Quintilia Manzanares
  • Diego Martinez
  • Gloria Martinez
  • Silvia Martinez
  • Gabina Moreno
  • Graciella Pena De Freitas
  • Abel Salas
  • Margotina Salinas
  • Celia Santillan
  • Mark Schneider
  • Irene Xiao Lin Yan
  • Yan Fang Yu

20 Years:

  • Teresa Alfaro
  • Aura Roberto
  • Cynthia Steele
  • D’Mondre Theus

25 Years:

  • Margarita Hernandez
  • Sandra Jacquez
  • Kimberly Keesee
  • Dawn Martin
  • Ricardo Marinez
  • Conception Castro Pineda
  • Terence Richard Sr.
  • Haydee Talavera
  • Manuel White
  • Simon Wong
  • Susana Wong

30 Years:

  • Chana Bailey
  • John Winters


  • Dean Atherton
  • Anita Briggs
  • Yee Sau Chu
  • Robert Flaharty
  • Ada Hamlin
  • Jerris Hogue
  • Kenneth Hoiem
  • Yin Noong Hue
  • Herman Jackson
  • Renay Raney Jackson
  • Nancy Jurich
  • Mary Michelle Kniffin
  • John Lane
  • Manuel Lee
  • Oscar Lopez
  • Qi Lin Ma
  • Enrique Martinez
  • Xiao Hong Mo
  • Monique Moore
  • Salvador Murillo
  • Michael Nelson
  • Wong Kan Yung Ng
  • Eloise O’Brien
  • Carmelita Punzalan
  • John Sims
  • LeNorman Strong
  • Corina Torres
  • Maria Ventura
  • Larry Wong
  • Sui-Mi Wong

Click here to see pictures from the awards event.


Welcome New Staff! 


Please join me in welcoming new staff by saying “hello” to:

Cal Dining

  • Enefiok Akpan, Sr Food Service Worker
  • Chyann Algere, Sr Custodian
  • Jumeica Boles, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Allan Cardoza, Sr. Custodian
  • Romero Collins, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Ariel De Leon, Cook
  • Jerrad Downey, Sr. Custodian
  • Charlisa Duchine, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Emmanuel Figueroa, Cook
  • Robin Finell, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Bria Ford, Sr. Custodian
  • Thomas Fox, Sr. Custodian
  • Leland Fuller, Cook
  • Mei'a Hayes, Sr. Custodian
  • Terrence Hill, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Whitney Horton, Cook
  • Damion Jackson, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Gary Lauchlan, General Manager
  • Sharmaine Lee, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Janae Leggett, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Jonita Lloyd, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Julian Lonis, Sr. Custodian
  • Maria Lopez De Becerra, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Keith Mayfield, Sr. Custodian
  • Shannon McBurnie, Sr. Custodian
  • Andre Mccoy, Sr. Custodian
  • Dante Mcpherson, Sr. Custodian
  • Marcus Miller, Sr. Custodian
  • Jakala Owens, Sr. Custodian
  • Kaylin Parker, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Tashana Phelps, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Omar Prevost, Sr. Custodian
  • Daniel Saulsberry, Sr. Custodian
  • Lakami Smith, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Derrick Underwood, Sr. Food Service Worker
  • Marlon Walker, Sr. Custodian
  • Malaki Wright, Sr. Food Service Worker

Facility and Housing Services

  • Ildefonso Arroyo, Stationary Engineer
  • Clara La France, Rec. Program Instructor, Family Housing
  • Rongrong Li, Sr. Custodian, Housing Services
  • Uber Mccrary, Stationary Engineer, Facility Services
  • Joshua Olson, Admin. Assistant, Housing Services
  • Alexander Santillan, Sr. Custodian, Housing Services

Incentive Awards Program

  • Trixy Manansala, University Partnership Officer

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor

  • Isabel Seneca, Admin. Assistant

Residential Education

  • Jason Howie, Academic Leadership Coordinator


We're glad to have you on board.




Our Mission: To provide the highest quality services and programs that ease a student's transition through the university and in the greater community, and to provide all our customers — students, faculty, staff and guests — with a quality customer experience.