Pong Responsibly





The Center for Student Conduct addresses conduct concerns and

sees how bad decisions can impact a student's academic and career

aspirations; as well as, the lives of those who may have been

unintentionally involved.

Several fraternities have

lost university recognition due

to bad decisions revolving around alcohol.



The number of fines issued by the police

for public intoxication has put a

dent in students' pocketbooks.



There have been alcohol related

sexual assault incidents that have

had very unfortunate endings.


We have seen students get

transported to the hospital

due to alcohol poisoning.


The academic rigor at Cal is

already hard. Abusing alcohol

can make it harder.


Unfortunately, there have also been

incidents where alcohol played a part

in the death of students.




These issues are real and we hope you Pong Responsibly. 

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