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W-2 Distribution Information for Campus Departments
Paper W-2s (Wage and Tax Statements) will be delivered to employees' home departments the week of January 24. The W-2s should be distributed to employees no later than January 27. Paper W-2s that have not been delivered to employees by January 27 should be placed in outgoing mail by January 28 to be postmarked by the January 31 deadline.

Employees who requested electronic W-2's will receive an e-mail instructing them to log onto the At Your Service (AYSO) website to view or print their W-2 forms.

Terminated employees' W-2s will be sent to the home address recorded in PPS (Payroll/Personnel System) as of December 31. Address changes entered into HRMS or AYSO after December 31 will NOT affect W-2 distribution.

All employees, both current and former, who did not elect electronic W-2 delivery, will be able to print a duplicate W-2 after February 15 by logging on to AYSO.

Current employees wishing to view/print copies of prior year W-2s should log onto the Blu portal for copies of 2001 to 2007 W-2s and AYSO for copies after 2008.

Please contact the Campus Payroll Office at if you have any questions or if you require a Form W-2C.

Updating Tax Withholdings
Employees may update tax withholdings through the UC Office of the President's At Your Service Website: Listed in the Income & Taxes menu is a link for "Tax Withholdings." In the new page, the menu on the left has options for exemption and withholding changes. For more detailed instructions, please review the following document: If employees do not change their withholdings, the system will default both Federal and State Tax claims to Single 0.

Non-residents and resident aliens are not able to make changes in At Your Service Online. Non-US Citizens or non-permanent residents must complete the Nonresident W-4 ( and fax it to Human Resources (HR) Records Management at 510-642-1882.

If an employee claimed to be exempt in current year from federal and/or state withholding taxes, then the exemption expires on February 15 of the following year. To continue to claim exemption for the remainder of the year, employees must file a new W-4. Employees should receive a notice from Central Payroll in December regarding this matter.

To update the W-4 for exemption, please log into After logging in, there will be a Green menu on the right titled "Income and Taxes." Click on the "Tax Withholdings" link. In the new page, the menu on the left has options for exemption and withholding changes. If you have trouble completing this online, you can complete the following form found at this url: and fax it to 510-642-1882. You can also submit it to your Payroll office and we can fax it for you.

All non-residents must complete a profile in the Online Tax System called GLACIER. After entered into the HR database, the Payroll Specialist will contact the employee regarding this process. Please contact your Payroll office for questions or more information about completing the online Glacier profile.

Defined Contribution Plan (DCP)
DCP is the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP). The first contribution automatically goes into the UC Savings Fund, but employees can redirect future contributions and transfer the first contribution to other funds. See brochure for more information:

Some employees eligible for Social Security and full benefits contribute 2% of the gross income less $19 a month. Those without Social Security contribute 3% less $19 a month. Employees with mid-level benefits and excluded from membership in the University California Retirement Plan (UCRP) and Social Security have 7.5% deducted from their gross salaries. All contributions are tax-deferred.

DCP and Medicare Deductions for Student Employees
The DCP and Medicare deductions are taken when a student is not registered for at least half-time. If a student's schedule does not fulfill the unit requirement, s/he is subject to 7.5% DCP Casual and 1.45% Medicare deductions. The DCP Casual funds are refundable after one terminates from the UC System. If you are no longer working for the UC, you can notify Fidelity Retirement Services by calling 1-866-682-7787; they will contact you several months after separating.

Tax Reporting Documents

Retrieving Tax Documents
W-2 forms are sent to the employee's home address by January 31st. They are sent to the home address recorded in our Payroll/Personnel System as of December 12, 2011. It is important to update your home address and you can do this by logging into to make this change or contact your Payroll office.

Current W-2 forms may also be viewed and printed through the UC Office of the President's At Your Service Website: The link for the W-2 forms may be found under the Income & Taxes menu. W-2 forms for 2007 and prior may be viewed and printed through the Blu website: You will be prompted to log in with your CalNet ID and passphrase. Click on the People tab listed under the Self-Service menu is the "W2 Online" link.

If you have trouble viewing your W-2 online, you may request a duplicate copy from Central Payroll. To request a copy, please e-mail In the e-mail, you must include your full name and Employee ID # or birth date, your NEW address, city, state, zip and a phone number. If you need it sooner, you may also go to the Central Payroll window at 171 University Hall (2199 Addison Street) with your photo ID.

1042-S Tax Documents
The 1042-S form is accessible electronically via an employee's Glacier account. The link to the Glacier Online Tax System is: If you encounter problems in retrieving the tax document, please contact Central Campus Payroll at
You may also request a copy of your 1042-2 form from Central Campus Payroll at 171 University Hall.
For other tax reporting documents, you may find the contact information for specific forms on this website:

Filing Taxes
For help with filing your taxes, please consult a tax advisor. Below are links to other resources. International scholars and students can seek information on the following site:
Below are additional tax filing resources:

  • Internal Revenue Service - (800) 829-1040
  • California Franchise Tax Board - (800) 852-5711
  • University of Texas at Austin Guide for Nonresident Aliens