Payroll - Paychecks

Paydays & Paychecks

All monthly employees, including administrative staff employees are paid on the 1st of each following month. When the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, the payday becomes the last business day before the 1st.

Typically, hourly employees are paid on the 8th of each following month. If the 8th falls on a weekend or holiday, then the paydate falls on the last business day before the 8th. Hourly staff and student employees are paid on the following paydates.

January 2/8/13
February 3/8/13
March 4/8/13
April 5/8/13
May 6/7/13
June 7/8/13
July 8/8/13
August 9/6/13
September 10/8/13
October 11/8/13
November 12/6/13
December 1/8/14

Please note: submission of late hourly timesheets will result in a later payment. Employees will be notified when they can expect their paycheck if it will be paid at a later date.

Paycheck Location
Beginning with the June, 2012 pay date, Central Payroll will no longer distribute paper payroll checks (with the exception of separation checks) to campus departments for distribution to employees. Checks will be placed in the mail for delivery by the US Postal Service one postal working day prior to each payday.  We need your help to ensure that affected employees will receive their pay without delays.

This new procedures will affect:

  • Employees who elect to receive a paper check
  • The first payroll check for new hire employees who sign up for direct deposit
  • Any employee action, such as cancelling of direct deposit or changes to direct deposit account, that results in a paper check being produced

To prevent delivery delays, the employee’s HOME address (must be a US address) in the At Your Service (AYSO) website or Human Capital Management System (HCM) be accurate and up-to-date at all times.  Employees may confirm or update their HOME address online via AYSO or may seek assistance from their payroll representative for entry into HCM.

Direct Deposit
If the employees prefer to have their pay deposited into their bank account instead, they may sign up for Direct Deposit by following the instructions below.

From the People page on the Berkeley Business Portal at, click on the blue People tab, and then click on Direct Deposit in the yellow Self-Service Menu on the left. Choose one of the following:  Add to set up a new Direct Deposit account, Edit to change your current Direct Deposit account information, Delete to cancel Direct Deposit.

To add or edit:

  1. Choose Direct Deposit Account Type: Checking or Savings.
  2. Type the bank Transit Number. (First nine digits in the lower left corner of your check or savings deposit slip).
  3. Type your Account Number. (Do not include dashes or spaces.) 
  4. Click Save.

Sample Check

There is a waiting period before Direct Deposit takes effect, which is determined by the payroll system and the entry date of the request. If a payroll payment is generated during the waiting period, a paper check will be produced. Changing the bank information in between pay periods may result in a paper check.

Earnings Statements
Earnings statements are available in electronic format at the UC Office of the President's At Your Service Website: Please review the following link if you have trouble accessing the site: You can contact UC Customer Service at or call at 1-800-888-8267.

When an employee terminates and is rehired, it is considered a break-in service and their bank information will remain in the Blu Portal. However, the information remains inactive unless it is re-entered by the employee or Payroll office. Generally, it takes about a month for direct deposit to activate after entry so the first check will be a paper check. To inquire about the activation date of the direct deposit, please contact your Payroll office.