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Holiday, Vacation & Sick Leave Accrual & Usage

The University provides 13 paid holidays each calendar year. Holiday pay is calculated according to the terms of the appropriate bargaining unit agreement or policy covering the employee.

- Holidays and Holiday Policies for University Staff
- Holiday Pay Table

Leave Accrual Rates
The amount of leave time an employee accrues depends on their job classification and/or the years of service with UC Berkeley. Employees may contact the payroll representative to verify leave accrual rates. Employees may also view the following chart for more information:

Leave Balances and Usage
Leave balances are on your timesheet. Your current balance should be reflected on your most recent timesheet.

Vacation and sick leave may not be used in the same month they are earned. The only exception to this is during the holiday curtailment in December/January (during Winter Break) when vacation leave may be used in advance of accrual. Otherwise, when you report more leave than you have available it will be considered leave without pay. The employee will be notified prior to processing the reduction in pay.


LHS Leaves & Balances

The process to view employee's vacation and sick leave balances will require a CalNet Id and access to the LHS server. For instructions on how to access the file server go to the LHS intranet at:

1. Click on all Hall File Server Connection Instructions
2. Once you are on the file server click the "Home Folder"
3. Then the "Accruals Folder".


Maximum Accrual
A notification will be sent to all employees that are approaching their vacation maximum accrual. Usually, this is done three months in advance to give the employee enough time to use vacation leave and keep their balances below the maximum accrual. Exceptions may be granted, with supervisor approval, to allow extra time for employees to use vacation leave.

For more information on leave accruals and time reporting, click here:  

Q&A on Leave Accrual and Time Reporting