NUFP Stories

Testimonials from NUFP Alumni

Nadia Vargas, UC Berkeley NUFP Alumnus

"When I was approached about being a NUFP I was in my senior year of college and while I knew I eventually wanted to end up working in education policy I wasn't completely sure how I was going to accomplish it. NUFP gave me the opportunity to have conversations with individuals who helped me chip away at the initial  basic idea of what a student affairs professional does and opened the door to a myriad of possibilities all of which would help me achieve my goals of working in higher education. After the five days I spent in Florida at the national conference and having candid conversations with both established and emerging professionals in the field I arrived back in Berkeley refreshed and with the affirmation that I had made the best decision in joining NUFP. I will forever be indebted to the folks who established the program on campus because without all of the wisdom, support, and guidance they provided me I would not be on my way to a graduate program in higher education administration knowing that my only destiny is to succeed."

rita zhang, Cross Cultural Coordinator, CSU Monterey Bay, UC Berkeley Class of 2010, NUFP Alumnus

CSU MB“When I was a student at Cal, I fortuitously found the Center for Student Leadership where I quickly fell in love with the center's commitment to leadership development intersected with values of multiculturalism and social responsibility.  Under the guidance of Glenn Deguzman, my formal NUFP mentor, and other CSL staff (too many to name!), I learned the in's and out's of student affairs as a paraprofessional.  It's hard to imagine how much theNUFP program at Cal has grown; when I was a NUFP, there were only 3 of us on campus that I knew about, and we all worked separately with our own mentors!
NUFP and the student affairs staff at Cal equipped with me a strong foundation grounded in theory, practice, and ethical leadership that prepared me for my graduate program.  I was surprised to discover that I knew so much more than my graduate peers because of my experience in NUFP.  Most importantly, I'm deeply appreciative of NUFPand student affairs staff at Cal who not only supported me when I was a student at Cal, but now as a colleague in the field.  I'm proud to be a part of a legacy of student affairs professionals committed to the development of students and the advancement of our field!“

Susan Huynh, Center for Student Conduct, UC Berkeley NUFP Summer 2013 Intern

Susan Huynh"The NUFP Summer Internship Program is unquestionably one of the highlights of my time as a NUFP fellow. During my time in this program, I worked in the Center for Student Conduct at UC Berkeley and the Dean of Students office. From learning about the structure of the university to meeting inspirational individuals on this campus, this experience encompasses many learning opportunities that have helped shape me as an individual and a future Student Affairs professional. If given the chance, I highly encourage any interested students to take advantage of this opportunity to not only learn more about why others have chosen this field, but also learn more about what drives your passion as a future Student Affairs professional."

Nicole Garcia, LEAD Center, UC Berkeley NUFP Summer 2013 Intern

nicole garcia"I am so glad I decided to apply to the amazing internships that the NUFP database has to offer. My time as an intern at UC Berkeley’s LEAD Center has been invaluable. I was surprised how hands on, fun, and educational my experiences have been and I have even been able to meet and collaborate with many of the incredible Student Affairs professionals on campus. When I complete my internship, I will be able to take away some of the work I have done to show graduate schools and future employers. Through my time as an intern, I have developed as a person, student, and future professional. I would definitely encourage anyone considering it!"