Benefits of being a mentor

  • Chance to share wisdom and encourage bright individuals to enter the field of Student Affairs
  • A time to reflect on personal career, what has been successful, and what could be improved
  • Fulfillment from helping the next generation of professionals in Student Affairs
  • Development of personal leadership and mentoring skills
  • Opportunity to observe and learn from different perspectives and backgrounds
  • Help develop students by giving them feedback and reinforcement
  • Networking opportunities in the profession

How to get involved


Our application period for the 2015-2016 academic year is now closed but please email if you are interested in participating in the future. 

Applications are submitted through our Staff Interest Form which is made available on this site in late summer/early fall. 


Guidelines for mentors

  • Meet with your assigned fellow at least once a month. You and your fellow will jointly determine the content and structure of your meeting.
  • Create a mentor experience to best provide guidance to the fellow regarding their interest in Student Affairs.
  • Give honest and critical feedback to fellows through challenge and support.
  • Serve as a representative for NUFP on campus.
  • Make sure to keep lines of communication open between you, your fellow, and program leader
  • Assist fellow in gaining an understanding of Student Affairs on this campus and nationally.
  • Attend one event a semester with your fellow
  • Have fun, learn, and engage with fellows

2016-2017 UC Berkeley Mentors

Mentors 2016-2017

  • Addison Hughes, Resident Director 

  • Amir Karkia, Resident Director

  • James Kato, Violence Prevention & Education Program Coordinator

  • James Wu, Resident Director

  • Judy Juarez, Resident Director 

  • Kawanna Leggett, Director of Residential Education

  • Lea Robinson Coordinator, Student Orgs and Cooperatives

  • Noah Henry-Darwish, Student Affairs Case Manager

Past UC Berkeley Mentors

Mentors 2015-2016

  • Addison Hughes, Residential Director 

  • Alfred Day, Senior Student Affairs Case Manager

  • Bie Aweh, Resident Director

  • Chrissy Roth-Francis, Director of New Student Services

  • Clara Ng-Quinn, Academic Advisor 

  • David Surratt, Associate Dean of Students

  • Dawn Lee Tu, Director of Asian Pacific American Student Development (APASA)

  • Deepak Sharma, Coordinator of Student Organizations 

  • Dylan Howser, Coordinator of Cal Greeks

  • Emerald Templeton, Director, Office of Career & Professional Development 

  • Emily Krechel, Associate Director of New Student Services 

  • finn schneider, Manager for Violence Prevention and Bystander Intervention Initiatives

  • Fred McCall, Associate Director of the LEAD Center

  • Judy Juarez, Resident Director 

  • Kawanna Leggett, Director of Residential Education

  • Mari Knuth-Bouracee, Director of Sexual Assault Prevention & Student Advocacy 

  • Maria S. Jaochico, Associate Director of the Center for Student Conduct 

  • MJ Jones, Resident Director

  • Rod Santos, Residency Affairs Supervisor 

  • Shirley Giraldo, Coordinator of the Graduate Assembly

Mentors 2014-2015

  • Akirah J. Bradley

  • Alfred Day

  • Christina Wellhouser

  • David Surratt

  • Dylan Howser

  • finn schneider

  • Fred McCall

  • Justin Gomez

  • Marney Randle

  • Phillip Loya

  • Rod Santos

  • Victor Sanchez 

Mentors 2012-2013

  • LeNorman J. Strong

  • Carol Takao 

  • Steve Sutton

  • Emily Krechel 

  • Erin Niebylski 

  • Terrance A. Range 

  • Kelsey Harmon Finn 

  • Hallie Lewis Hunt 

  • Layla Naranjo 

  • Christina Hernandez 

NUFP Planning Committee

The planning committee is a group of staff members from various departments within Student Affairs at UC Berkeley. Together, the committee manages the recruitment, planning, and evaluation of NUFP on our campus. The committee is responsible for:

  • Growth and development of the structure for the program
  • Recruitment, selection, and pairing of fellows and mentors
  • Coordination of the monthly workshops & curriculum for the cohort of fellows
  • Providing networking opportunities for the fellows

2015-2016 Committee Members

Akirah J. Bradley & Elizabeth Martinez, Co-Chairs

Becca Lopez

Matt Griffith

Tally Ogans

Victor Sanchez