SMART Update

September 13, 2010


We are continuing along the SMART path and I wanted to bring special attention to the Student Affairs Business Operations (BusOps) website In this brief message I will get everyone up to speed on what it is, our goals for the site and the plan for development.

The BusOps website is a single location for all forms, checklists, and instructions needed for all Student Affairs Human Resource, Budget and Finance, and General Administration business. The site is a critical piece in our goal of improved efficiencies and increased service levels.

As I stated in my last two SMART communications (6/28 and 7/30/10), the site is continuing to be developed. Several SMART teams worked together to create the site and, to date, the team has received input from some users. The site will now follow along a more formalized development path as follows:

Solicit Feedback (August - September 2010)
-- Cluster focus groups
-- Cluster feedback

Standardize (November - December 2010)
-- Revised web center for each cluster
-- Standard forms for Student Affairs where possible

Transition to Automation (Spring/Summer 2011)
-- 1 site, 1 set of forms for Student Affairs

I want to reiterate my expectation that the entire division use this site. The importance of your feedback cannot be overstated.

Thanks again to the SMART teams and to those of you who have already participated in improving the site and its content. Please send your comments about the BusOps site to Candi Lee,

Comments or questions about SMART can be sent to


Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs