My Moment of ACTION

James Grissom

I was on a crowded bus around 11:00pm, listening to my music. This man comes on the bus, cursing up a storm. However, I was in my own world, trying not to pay him too much attention. This couple (not sure if they were really a couple) were standing on the bus conversing, then all of a sudden, the man began to harass the girl by touching on her arm and continually calling her "baby" and telling her what his name was. The girls friend or boyfriend, however, just watched and didn't do anything. I felt bad but wasn't sure how to intervene. More people came on the bus and I gave up my seat to this young lady. As soon as I walked away, the man began harassing her too. I turned and knew I had to do something. "How would I handle this man without leading into any potential violence?" I had to think quick on my feet so immediately I went up to him and asked, "Hey what's up man? How's it going?" He immediately redirected his attention to me and began to yell and curse at me. Then after a few seconds the girl left, but he quickly found another target to harrass. This time, I asked him for his name and he went on a huge rampage on what his name was. I realized then and there that asking him for his name was the best thing to do to distract his attention away from the women. I basically had to do that the whole bus ride and even when we got off the bus to direct him away from the women.