My Moment of ACTION

Mario Wash

My name is Mario Wash, I'm currently in my second year here at the UC Berkeley intended double major in Psychology and Social Welfare and I took ACTION. One night on my way to work, I saw someone sitting on the ground, who appeared to be intoxicated at the turn-around portion of Clark Kerr Campus (CKC). I approached the resident I became familiar with the face. I have seen this girl in the Academic Services Center a few times. She was not responsive to any of the questions I asked her and did not realize that she was sitting in a puddle of water. I saw her Cal 1 Card sticking out the side of her wallet, and as much as I did not want to go in her wallet, I gave in so that I could find out where she lived. After identifying who this she was, I carried her into Building 1 and called both the Residential Assistant and UCPD. I gave a brief summary of the situation.

I decided to Take Action. First, because anything could have happened to this girl she was in a vulnerable position and I did not want her to be taken advantage of in anyway. Secondly, Just because it is the Right thing to DO. Every step you take Counts!