Moments of ACTION

Golden Bear CafeYou are eating at the Golden Bear Café with a group of friends and at the table next to you there are two girls arguing and their body language tells you they are in a relationship. One of them grabs the other by the arm and begins yelling through her teeth that she will get it when they get home. 


Which CARE Model strategy would you use to TAKE ACTION?

C: Tell the person to let her arm go, it looks like you are hurting her.

A: Tell the cashier at GBC what is happening and ask them to tell the manager.

R: Pretend you recognize the aggressor from class and strike up a random conversation to shift the energy in a more positive direction even if it is only for a moment.

E: Talk to your group of friends regarding why this situation sends a red flag and determine if you want to diffuse the situation as a group.