Mental and Physical Health

Tang Center
2222 Bancroft Way #4300

The Tang Center (University Health Services) provides comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance, and health promotion services to all Berkeley students, and a variety of health programs for faculty and staff. Services are designed to minimize the impact of illness, emotional distress, and injury on studies and work.

  • Medical services (510-642-2000) include primary and urgent care, pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, international travel, specialty, immunization, optometry, and physical therapy.

  • Social services (510-642-6074) include support for alcohol and other drug treatment and education; chronic medical conditions or new diagnoses; eating disorders and body image counseling; nutrition; pregnancy resources and referrals; relationship violence, stalking, or other violence; sexual health; sexual violence; and transgender/gender identity counseling.

  • Counseling and psychological services (510-642-9494 or 855-817-5667 after hours) includes short-term individual and couples counseling; crisis drop-in for urgent concerns; group counseling; workshops; evaluation and follow-up for psychiatric medications; career counseling and assessments; outreach and consultation; online resources; and referrals for longer-term counseling. CPS also provides individual drop-in and scheduled counseling at satellite locations around campus. CPS drop-in hours in the Tang Center are from 10am-5pm Monday through Friday.

PATH to Care Center
Phone: (510) 643-2005

The PATH to Care Center provides affirming, empowering, and confidential support for survivors and those who have experienced gendered violence, including: sexual harassment, dating and intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual exploitation. PATH to Care provides immediate support, access to resources, and can help students navigate housing, medical, safety planning, academic accommodations, legal, and other university needs.