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Informational Memo: COVID-19, Terminating a Lease in California, and Eviction Protections


Attorney for Students, Mark LuciaGeneral Information and Scope of Services

The Attorney for Students advises currently registered Cal students regarding their legal questions, rights, and obligations.  A student legal consultation might include (but is not limited to) one of the following examples: a landlord-tenant dispute, a citation for a criminal infraction or misdemeanor, filing an action in California Small Claims Court, questions related to debt and/or collection actions, issues arising from a car accident or auto insurance, or questions about family law.

Please note that Student Legal Services provides counsel and guidance only, and does not represent or advocate for individual students with regard to their potential legal claims or disputes.  If your situation requires legal representation, the Attorney for Students will help refer you to appropriate resources.  Student Legal Services counsel and guidance is limited to California law only.



Student Legal Services Conflict Policy

Because Student Legal Services is available to all currently registered UC Berkeley students, when a matter arises creating a potential dispute or conflict between two or more students, SLS can provide only information to the concerned parties (no strategic advice or advocacy).  The students involved in the matter who seek assistance from Student Legal Services will be informed of this conflict policy, and will be asked to sign a "Conflict Information Session Agreement."  After signing this agreement, Student Legal Services will be available to meet with the applicable students in the dispute one time to provide information regarding legal rights, but will only provide referrals and general information (such as the information contained in SLS "Tip Sheets" and "Forms" on this Web site).  SLS will not advocate for either side.  After the informational/referral meeting(s) with the student(s) involved in the conflict, Student Legal Services may, in appropriate cases, be able to assist with mediating the dispute, upon the request and with the consent of all parties involved.



Making an Appointment/Preparing for Your Appointment

Please review the information and materials on the Student Legal Services Web site (including the Tip Sheets) before making an appointment - these resources may answer your questions.  

For information specific to terminating a lease, potential eviction protections, and the recent Berkeley ordinance related to lease terminations, please read COVID-19, Terminating a Lease in California, and Eviction Protections, which includes information specific to the City of Berkeley and will be updated as new information is available.

If relevant to your questions, please refer to the above resources before making an SLS appointment - there is currently an extrenmely high demand for appointments, and wait times are lengthy.

Once you have reviewed this entire page, to make an appointment for a free and confidential 30-minute consultation, please use the SLS Online Appointment System. 

**Please note: during the suspension of in-person classes on the Berkeley campus due to the coronavirus, SLS consultations will be PHONE OR ZOOM APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Please indicate the best phone number to reach you in the appointment form.**



When you arrive for your appointment at 102 Sproul Hall, you will need to show your current Cal Photo ID.  Please also bring any relevant documents to your appointment - these would include items such as a lease, a ticket/citation received from police, a notice received from the court, a civil court summons, a demand letter from a creditor/collector, or a written contract/agreement.  All discussions and documents shared with SLS are strictly confidential.